Wednesday, 3 January 2018

My favourite blogs to read...

I read a lot of blogs.....I have my favourites that whenever a new post goes live I will be along to read it....

Please don't be offended if I don't mention you....I do read a lot of blogs and enjoy all of those that I do read....I could have easily listed 100 blogs that I love

In no particular order....

Anne blogs about family life and may be the most positive person I know....In every bad situation she seems to find something good.....Anne is currently wheelchair bound after getting a very rare condition called Stiff Person Syndrome which makes me one in a million! She really is....I think I have read every post of her's last year....

Angela over The Inspiration Edit features content on Home and Family Life, Kids Fun, Activities And Crafty Ideas.....I love reading her blog. Her daughter is nearly the same age as Ellie my youngest and I love reading about her too...Angela has started featuring more crafts and lifestyle posts and I love the way her blog is going...

Amy's blog is pretty new to me. She started blogging in August and I first discovered it when she followed me on Twitter and started chatting!...The Rolling Baby is a family & lifestyle blog. There is no one thing she blogs about. She blogs about whatever takes her fancy. Anything including her baby, thoughts on life, recipes and so much more....

The lovely Louise writes about family life with her two beautiful girls....Some of her posts focus on raising awareness of congenital heart defects and sharing her experiences as a heart family but most of the time she writes about every day life....Days out, everyday moments, crafts and lots of other things...Louise is such a kind and caring lady and reading her blog always makes me feel warm inside....

I can't write this blog post without mentioning the beautiful Jayne (my girls call her that. lol) I tend to keep myself to myself in the blogging world so I don't know when and how we became friends but we are. She is a lovely person and adore her blog. She is one of the hosts of Monday Morning Blog Club along with Deb's Random Writings. It is a fab linky where you just link up your blog and people choose which post to comment on....

On Sticky Mud & Belly laughs there is a bit of everything. Lifestyle, craft, family and review posts....Her boys are the cutest and Jayne has a cracking sense of humor!

What are your favourite blogs to read?


  1. I’m just getting back in to blogging after a 2 year absence, so it’s good to find some new blogs to read x

    1. Welcome back. You feel familiar. I am sure I read your writings before? x

  2. I read loads of blogs a day but I come back to the same ones every time.
    Just a few are Bump to Baby, What the Redhead Said, Dolly Dowsie

  3. Aww thanks for including me, I've read all of your posts too, even if I don't have time to comment on them all xx (p.s. these are all on my top blogs to read too, apart from one and I'll be checking that out right now.)

    1. Ahh! No problem. I really do love your blog. It always makes me smile. Thank you x

  4. Aww thanks ever so much my blogging bestie! You are too kind. Your girls are amazing, but then again they are going to be because they take after their Mum ;)

    I've heard that Kim from Northumberland Mam has an awesome's my fav of course :) xx

  5. Aww, thank you so much for including my blog on your list :-) x