Monday, 18 June 2018

Quick and easy meals so I can watch the football. hehehe #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan went pretty well.....We didn't have the BBQ yesterday. We didn't want to risk it after the rubbish weather we had during the week (the wind) and then the storm on Saturday. I say storm but it was literally 40 minutes of rain with a bit of thunder and lightening. Eek! I am not a fan!

I have realised over the last few days that I am obsessed with the World Cup. I am not a football fan but I do love tournaments like this. The next couple of weeks are going to have to revolve around the football which means meals cooked in the slow cooker which can be dished up quickly or quick to prepare meals....

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Sausages, mash & baked beans.....
Tuesday - Hamwiches & corn on the cob. Hamwiches are processed goodness from Bernard Matthews. Turkey ham and cheese coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs. The kids love them!
Thursday - Tomato soup & ham sandwiches to dip in....
Friday - Pizza....
Saturday - We're having a day out to the big fair so we will probably be full enough from chips, candy floss and hot dogs to bother with a proper tea....Snacks all around.
Sunday - A roast dinner of some sort....

If you want to see what other people are eating The Organised Life Project and Katykicker have a linky!


Saturday, 16 June 2018

Science, washing and flower power. Week 24. #Project365

Another week over....They seem to be going so quickly in the run up to summer. We seem to have all the weather this week. Sunshine, rain and the wind which was determined to ruin my back yard by blowing the plants everywhere.

Now for a photo every day....

159/365 - 9th June
Ellie was trying out a fab science kit....

160/365 - 10th June
Working on his computer again....

161/365 - 11th June
On Monday I had all this washing to fold and put away....

162/365 - 12th June
I printed the vouchers ready for the fair next weekend....

163/365 - 13th June
I organised the cupboards and made use of the tubs that the muffins came in.

164/365 - 14th June
The school was selling the kids artwork. We of course bought Ellie's...

165/365 - 15th June
Flower power....hehehe

A Thank You Teacher Gift from Divine Chocolate.

This time of year I always think about saying thank you to the teachers who have taught my girls over the past year. This year is going to be an extra special end of term because my youngest Ellie is leaving Primary school so I have to make sure to get the teachers some fab presents.

Chocolate is always a winner with teachers and recently someone from Divine Chocolate got in touch asking if I would like to feature their "Thank You Teacher Gift". I jumped at the chance. It is something very special....

Trading Visions (a charity set up by Divine Chocolate) has this year developed a very special gift for all those amazing teachers. 

The “Thank You Teacher” gift consists of Divine Chocolate’s best-selling Tasting Set, a Thank You teacher card and a £1 donation to Trading Visions.

Divine Chocolate Tasting Set.
The Divine Taster Set contains 12 bars of luxurious Fairtrade certified chocolate from Divine in six flavours. The set includes smooth milks, rich dark and creamy white chocolate flavoured bars and the box opens like a book offering tasting notes and guides along with information about the Divine
story. The set includes twelve 15g bars.

Thank You Teacher Card
The A6 card has a fun design and space inside for a personal message. Inside the card tells the story of Ayaasu Kuapa Primary School and how the donation will be spent. There is also information about Pa Pa Paa, Trading Vision's education resources all about cocoa farming in Ghana.

This gift comes with a £1 donation to Trading Visions. The money will help support the Ayaasu School in Ghana. The school was set up by a local cocoa farmer who was concerned by his village not having a local school. Donations will help to provide Mr Asare with a salary and provide education materials for the school.

Did you know that Divine is the only chocolate company in the world which is 100% Fairtrade and owned by cocoa farmers. I didn't and I think it is fantastic! By supporting Divine you are helping to improve the livelihoods of small-holder Ghanaian cocoa farmers in the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative.

I think this is fantastic. The chocolate is amazing. Even the smell of it is something special. It really is divine!

This is such a thoughtful gift. I think a gift that supports a charity is a brilliant idea and the theme supporting a school is something that I think teachers would love. 

The Thank you Teacher gift is available to buy online from Divine Chocolate for £7.50 plus postage and packaging. 

I was sent the Divine Chocolate Tasting Set free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Friday, 15 June 2018

We have a lot to look forward to. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This week has been a boring one.....Nothing much has been happening here. I could have chosen bored or dull but would be a boring read...I think I know why it has seemed so dull....We have a lot going on over the next few weeks and we are looking forward to that. This week was what we had to get through to get to the fun times.....

The World Cup started yesterday and I have been really looking forward to that....I am not a big football fan usually but I do like tournaments like this. I will watch as many matches as I can....I started with the Russia match yesterday. I did not expect the 5 - 0 win in the first match. The kids will be sick of football by the end of the month. hehehe

Sunday is Father's day and I have spent the week sorting my dad's card and pressie and Stu's. I realised the other day that Card Factory are just like Funky Pigeon where you can personalise their cards and send them to who you need to but they are so much cheaper....For Valentines day I got Stu a hammer with a few words engraved and I have got my dad one for Father's day....He is into DIY so I'm sure he'll love it.

Next week is Ellie's last Sports day at Primary school....All these lasts are happening and I don't like it one bit. I went to an art exhibition at school yesterday and bought some of her art work for £6.50 which was a total rip off. It was just in a cheap frame but I am cherishing every last thing the school have to give to us.... 

We will be going to Newcastle as a family next weekend as the big fair "The Hoppings" is in town....We have been twice over the last 10 years. Once when I was pregnant with Ellie and then again in 2011 when Ellie was about 4 years old. Now the girls can go on more rides and I predict us spending a small fortune....

During the week we got the letter about transition week, where Ellie goes up to the secondary school for a few days. Most years the kids visit after the parents have been for a visit but that evening was planned when "The Beast from the East" was here so they rescheduled and it is after Ellie has spent some time with her new teachers. I think it's a better way to do things as we can hear how she has settled in....I am so excited but at the same time so worried for her....She is eager to go. Some teachers have been coming from the big school to speak to the year 6's and they've been telling them about things like lunchtime and after school clubs. In Ellie's head she's already signed up for trampoline, Lego & computer clubs. lol