Wednesday, 17 October 2018

No-Bake Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart - Recipe!

Throughout October I will be joining in with Big Family Organised Chaos and her linky for Blogtober18. Today's prompt is: Quick, hide the wrappers for #ChocolateWeek

Baking things is fun but not baking is even better.

No-Bake Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

To make the caramel:

Place 350g of pitted fresh dates in a saucepan with 250ml of cold water and boil until soft and the dates have broken down.

Place the mixture into a food processor with 1 tsp rock salt and blend until smooth.

Pass through a sieve to remove any large bits.

Put to one side to cool.

To Make the base:

100g desiccated coconut
50g ground almonds
200g 100% chocolate

Place the coconut and almonds in a mixing bowl and combine.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave and pour over the dry mixture.

Mix until everything is evenly coated.

Line a 8” cake tin or pie dish with cling film then press the mixture up the sides and cover the base before popping in the fridge to set.

To Make the topping:

300g 100% chocolate
100g honey/agave syrup
150g coconut milk

Heat the honey/agave and the coconut milk in a pan just until it starts to simmer.

Pour over the chocolate and mix until completely melted and combined.


Take the base from the fridge and remove from the tin, place on serving dish.

Spread the ‘caramel’ evenly on the base.

Pour on the topping and give the the serving dish a few light taps on the counter to level.

Place back in the fridge.

Once the topping has completely set, finish with a sprinkling of sea salt flakes.

A No-Bake Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

How does this sound to you?

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker And Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit - Review!

A few weeks ago you may remember we tried out the Gel-a-Peel Deluxe Rainbow Kit. We have been sent another couple of kits to try from Gel-a-Peel. It may be Ellie's favourite thing at the moment. She has already been and sought out every kit and put them on her Christmas list.

Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker.

The Fashion Maker kit comes with everything you need to easily gel on fabrics and create your own clutches and earrings too! Included in this set is 5 Gel-a-Peel colour tubes and accessories for 3 clutches and two pairs of earrings. There is the Fashion Station with gel tube stand, 40+ design stencils and templates, 2 gel trays to make gel clutches, 7 designer tips (round, rake, and star), 2 squeegee tools, and a cleaning tool.

After using the last kit we knew what we were doing this time around and Ellie got straight on with starting to make a clutch bag using one of the trays. She decided to use 3 of the colours and used the squeegee tools to spread the gel out.

We left the clutch bag to set and dry and got on with decorating an old t-shirt using the black frame from the Fashion Station to hold one of the stencils in place.

It was just a case of squirting the gel onto the stencil and spreading it around using the tool provided!

The end results were fantastic. Like I said there is 40+ stencils which include everything from ice creams and cupcakes to butterflies and pretty patterns. I can see Ellie going on and decorating all of her clothes given the chance. It's fantastic to be able to put your own twist on the clothes you wear.

We loved this kit and what Ellie created with it. We are going to buy more of the gel to play with this more. The stencils are fab and once we had ran out of the gel Ellie went on and used felt tip pens and paper to get creative with them.

The Gel a Peel Fashion maker has a RRP of £34.99 but Smyths Toys have it on sale for £17.99 (as of writing this). It does state that is for 8 years plus but I think with a little help younger children could use this. 

Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit.

Give yourself a 3D manicure with the Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit! Using new 3D nail technology, you can polish your nails in your choice of fun colours and then add 3D designs. Finish off the look with some nail d├ęcor! A completely new, creative way to do your nails! The Deluxe Colour Kit provides the widest array of colours and nail decor to create 3D nail designs. Make 100+ nail designs! When you’re ready for a change of colour and style, simply peel off the gel designs and do it all over again!

Ellie had a good go at this kit but she didn't feel the love for this set. There was no real reason but it just didn't hold her attention. I imagine there is lots of children who would love this set but it was not for us. I had a go at decorating the nails and I did love it. 

When you’re ready for a change of colour and style, simply peel off the gel designs and do it all over again!

Nail-a-Peel Deluxe has a RRP of £29.99 and is suitable for ages 8 plus.

We were sent these products free of charge to try. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fantastic ideas for school packed lunches....

Throughout October I will be joining in with Big Family Organised Chaos and her linky for Blogtober18. Today's prompt is: Perfect Recipes for You! 

I am sort of sticking with the theme with Blogtober18. These are the perfect ingredients to a packed lunch which is a meal. I'm grasping at straws but I do have a recipe tomorrow. hehehe

Over the past few months I my girls and I have tried out quite a few things which are fantastic for school packed lunches. Most children have been back at school for a a while now so I thought it was a good time to do a round of of these fab products and give you a few ideas if you get stuck to what to feed your little darlings in their packed lunches.


Fruitypot and JellySqueeze pouches.

Fruitypot pots and JellySqueeze pouches.

Fruitypot offer a selection of innovative, healthy fruit based products which are a great alternative to sweets, chocolate or crisps. Fruitypot are a range of single serve pots of fruit in jelly and juice. Packaged in a convenient pot with a spoon. There is six different flavours....

The jelly squeeze pouches enable you to enjoy a hydrating jelly on-the-go. Made with fruit juice and set with natural setting agents, these resealable pouches are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans as well as being gluten free. The two fruity flavours have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs.

bags of HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs.

The UK’s fastest growing free-from snack, HIPPEAS are both nutritious and delicious. The chick pea puffs are packed full of protein and fibre, making them the ideal schooltime fuel. HIPPEAS have 6 tasty flavours to choose from.

YAZOO No Added Sugar milk drinks.

Bottles of YAZOO No Added Sugar milk drinks.

YAZOO No Added Sugar milk drink is packed with all of the same benefits that you get from milk...Vitamin B2, protein and calcium. The difference between this and other milk drinks is that these drinks contain no more sugar than a glass of semi-skimmed. There are no artificial sweeteners either, just milk and flavour. These drinks are available in banana, strawberry and chocolate flavour.

Snacks from Arden's.

A selection of pastry snacks

Arden's have some fantastic savoury and sweet snacks which would go well in any packed lunch. The Nutty Nibbles might not be acceptable due to food allergies but the Lockerbie Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Chutney Bites and the Mediterranean Tomato & Basil Twists would be something a little different.

Munchy Seeds.

A selection of Munchy Seeds snacks

Munchy Seeds are tasty little toasted treats, great as a healthier snack or to sprinkle over your food. They are a super source of protein, officially high in iron, vitamin E and fibre, contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and are all gluten, wheat and yeast free too. All their toasted seeds are also suitable for vegetarians and many suit a vegan diet too.

Del Monte Squeezies.

3 Del Monte Squeezies pouches

Each pouch counts as a portion of fruit and are a great way to get your children eating their five fruit & veg a day. There is no added sugar or artificial ingredients so you can be confident that you are giving your children nothing but 100% natural goodness! The Squeezies are available in 3 flavours: Apple & Mango, Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry & Apple, Strawberry & Banana....

Emily Crisps

4 packets of Emily Crisps

Emily Crisps is a range of premium fruit and vegetable crisps made from only the finest and freshest produce. They are available in five different flavours. Each packet counts as one of your five a day. They are gluten free, vegan friendly and are completely natural.

Shaken Udder milkshakes.

A selection of Shaken Udder milkshakes in bottles and cartons

Shaken Udder is a range of school-approved milkshakes with less than 5% sugar, packed with natural real ingredients and no added nasties. They are made from British milk and are packed with calcium and vitamin B12 and perfect for lunch boxes, snacks and a quick breakfast.

Do you think your children would like any of these things in their packed lunches?

Monday, 15 October 2018

Our weekly meal plan. 15th - 21st of October! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan logo

Last weeks meal plan did not go to plan we missed a few meals. Ellie was off school for a couple of days and on Thursday we were exhausted due to her being up and down most of Wednesday night so I didn't cook much at all. 

For years I have ordered the food shopping on a Thursday to be delivered on a Friday but these past few weeks I seem to be struggling to find the motivation to do it. I am going to try and add little bits throughout the week to see if it makes a difference. 

Monday - Chicken curry cooked in the slow cooker.
Tuesday - Hot dogs in buns & corn on the cob.
Wednesday - Jacket potatoes with baked beans and cheese.
Thursday - Prawn stir fry.
Friday - Fish finger sandwiches.
Saturday - Pizza.
Sunday - Chicken casserole.

Meal planning linky badge

The Foundation for Infant Loss. #BabyLossAwarenessWeek

Throughout October I will be joining in with Big Family Organised Chaos and her linky for Blogtober18. Today's prompt is: One's who couldn't stay. #BabyLossAwarenessWeek

I had a blog post for this prompt written all about the miscarriage I had before I fell pregnant with Becky but then an email dropped in my inbox from the lovely Chantal Lockey who set up The Foundation for Infant Loss years ago following the loss of her daughter Marnie Mae to SIDS when she was just 6 weeks old. Marnie would be 14 now

I thought this is more important to share as it could help and support those who are going through the unimaginable. 

Chantal had this to say.

In 2004 the unimaginable happened. My beautiful daughter Marnie Mae died suddenly in the middle of the night.She was just six weeks of age. The cause? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

A photo of a baby

At the time we felt completely unsupported by healthcare services. We were never offered any support, counselling or any signposting that could have helped us.

In 2009 I set up The Foundation for Infant Loss. We offer training to midwives and other healthcare professionals so that we can raise levels of bereavement care across the UK.

We work frequently with bereaved families and we have set up an online directory for bereaved parents and we cover everything from assisting with funeral guidance and funding, providing memory boxes, signposting to a suitably trained counselling professional, support with legal issues, support for siblings and help and support with subsequent 
pregnancies after loss.

A photo of a baby

On 16th April 2018 The Foundation for Infant Loss launched their nationwide Baby Loss Helpline. Our helpline will be ran by trained staff and volunteers, many of which have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss themselves.

They can signpost you to the following professionals and organisations in your local area:

Funeral Directors that are experienced with Baby loss, Trained Counselling professionals and charities, Free Hire of a Cold Cot, Funeral Celebrants, Loss Doulas, We can advise of seeking financial support for Baby’s funeral and advise of funeral directors in your local area that offer free funerals for infants, Free Resources and information for Baby’s funeral, Baby specific Funeral suppliers, Bereavement Photography Specialists, Memory Making and Memory Box Charities, Florists, Angel Gowns for Infants, Information relating to maternity and paternity rights and financial entitlement after pregnancy and Infant Loss, Legal issues, Support and resources for Children, Support for those supporting bereaved parents, Alternative Therapies, Support for when a Twin dies, Healing support, Mental Health Support including anxiety and depression, and Support with subsequent pregnancies after loss.

They can be contacted by email: