Saturday, 3 March 2018

Week 9 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

It has been a strange week with all the snow and bad weather....The kids had 3 days off school due to it and have had fantastic fun being at home....Usually when they are off school for school holidays I plan things to keep them amused but we didn't know if they were going to be at school or not so they've had a lot of time playing on their tablets, laptop and xBox.....

Now for a photo everyday.....

 55/365 - 24th February
Saturday night in front of the TV with sweets and chocolate. Perfect! 

56/365 - 25th February
We watched films on Sunday....A real lazy day.

57/365 - 26th February
Strawberry tea....

58/365 - 27th February
Poor Becky got caught in a blizzard on the way home....

59/365 - 28th February
Snow day number 1, It of course meant snowball fights. I hid inside looking out of the window....

60/365 - 1st March
They were playing Minecraft on the xBox.

61/365 - 2nd March
Our rainbow cake....Not the best looking but it was very tasty. We made it from a packet mix.


  1. Lovely family photos :). This weather is a good opportunity for some gaming and baking.

  2. I only had one child off school for 3 days...the other one still had to go in! She was not best pleased her sister got days off!

    Looks like they had fun in the snow!

  3. Snowball fights are the best! Strawberry tea sounds lovely. We've only had a day and a half off school, I bet my guys would have loved to have more time at home too. The rainbow cake looks great fun!

  4. The snowball fight photo is so lovely as they both look so happy! Yum to strawberry tea that sounds really tasty #365

  5. Sounds like the kids have had a good week! My eldest and daughter just had Friday off school, and my younger son had Thursday afternoon off too. I think they will all be disappointed to get back to normal tomorrow, but I'm ready for some normal temperatures!

  6. Yes it's been difficult to plan stuff and normally we'd arrange stuff with friends and that hasn't been so easy. I like the snowball fight pic.

  7. That's an impressive cake from a mix. Was it a normal sponge you coloured, or the actual rainbow cake mix? I'm glad the snow's gone now

  8. Not sure about the strwaberry tea, but the cake does look delicious!

  9. Th cake looks great. I think indoors was a good move this week. Love the snowball picture.

  10. That cakes looks so nice!! Really fancy eating a slice of cake right now #MMBC

  11. The rainbow cake looks better than anything I could have made! It was so cold lastr week wasn't it #365

  12. Sounds like the kids have had a good week. My three were off from the Tuesday until the Monday and we were snowed in. It's been crazy. The rainbow cake looks fab xx

  13. I agree with you those snow days were a welcome surprise we had so much fun.

  14. It is not easy to keep them amused

  15. I was attacked with snowballs several times, in fact I was the main target! That cake looks amazing! #project365