Saturday, 10 March 2018

Week 10 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

What a week we've had....It hasn't been a bad one but it has been busy....There is no rest today as Ellie my youngest is at the practice for the school performance of Beauty & the Beast. She's in the choir. Lots of schools are coming together to put on the show and Ellie always has a fantastic time. Last year they did Joseph and they put on a great show.

Now for a photo every day....

62/365 - 3rd March
I finally got some bread after 2 days of going without because of the snow....

63/365 - 4th March
Stu was in the pound shop and saw these big Kinder eggs for £2.50 each. Everywhere else they seem to be about £5. They are being kept for Easter.

64/365 - 5th March
Sorry for the blurriness but it's the only photo I took on Monday. If I'd told Ellie once I'd told her 20 times to stop standing in front of the TV so she dropped down and started crawling past

65/365 - 6th March
I usually hate making phone calls but it turns out they are no problem when I am angry. I had to rearrange a hearing appointment for Ellie. 

66/365 - 7th March
I don't know what they were laughing about but something tickled them...

67/365 - 8th March
The dreaded walk to parents evening but it wasn't too bad....In fact it was very positive and helpful.

68/365 - 9th March
My Unicorn dinner set & tablecloth finally arrived. I bought it from Asda...


  1. Great idea to keep memories alive always

  2. I really do love this concept and need to start doing this! Sim x

  3. Oh I love the unicorn dinner sets! They just make me happy x

  4. I've seen those eggs in Poundland, and also thought I should get some, as they are half price from the supermarket one. The unicorn set looks pretty. How exciting for Ellie to take part in such a big production.

  5. Glad that parents evening went well and those eggs sound like a bargain #365

  6. I love a poundland bargain. I'm with you on not liking phone calls. But sometimes it has to be done

  7. I used to work on the phone for a charity for a number of years for a wage, and now avoid calls if I can, thank goodness for FB messages.
    How exciting to be chosen for a multi school play, and guess she must enjoy it if doing it for a second time.
    Had to laugh at her crawling past the tv....cheeky

  8. Made me chuckle that the eggs were £2.50 in pound land though but I would definitely do the same and keep them. #365

  9. Glad the parents' evening went well. I hope she's enjoying her rehearsals, I bet you are looking forward to seeing the show! It must have been a relief to get some bread again.

  10. The unicorn crockery looks fun. Glad parents evening went well.

  11. The unicorn dishes look so good for unicorn fans and I might go hunting for those big kinder eggs. The boys would love them!

  12. I am so glad that parents evening went well and those eggs sound like a bargain. xx #365

  13. Oh that Unicorn set looks so cool! Think the girls would love that. Glad parents evening was helpful