Thursday, 28 December 2017

My top 10 blog posts of 2017....

Last year I did a recap of my top blog posts from 2016.....This year I am doing the same and sharing my top 10 blog posts from this past year....

I haven't included giveaways or review posts as they are always so popular. You can read about the favourite things I reviewed this year in a post I shared earlier this week....

This was all about how Ellie my then 9 year old spent over £150 on the Smiggle website without us knowing....We only found out when we noticed nearly all of our money missing. Oops. We did learn a lesson. Never leave yourself logged into anything important!

All about how someone took and printed out photos of my teen Becky....The boy said he was very excited to find Becky online....Weird! 

The beginning of our journey....Ellie's teacher suspected she had something like ADHD but we have since found out that she may have Autism.....We are still pretty in the dark about things but should have an appointment soon....

A long waiting time, a closed play area, stingy portions and overcooked and under cooked food...Not what you want for a birthday meal out! We were given a voucher to use but that went out of date last month....We were really put off which was a shame....

I had seen Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes on Pinterest again and again and they looked like a lot of fun to make....They were and so yummy to eat too! 

How we decorated my teen's bedroom on a budget. She loved it....

Ellie has really suffered with bullies over the past year....She just brushes it off...I have been the one crying! Things are slightly better no but there is a couple of girls who still cause problems....Ugh! They're in for such a shock when they start secondary school in September. They may be top dogs in primary school but things change at the big school. I've seen it happen again and again!

A day out at the beach.....Fish & chips, paddling in the sea and sunburn. The perfect day!

This was a strange one to see in my top 10 blog posts....It was written on a Friday evening in about 20 minutes after seeing an advert on the TV for a TV show where contestants attempt to survive five days and nights in solitary confinement. It sounded like heaven! lol

This was all about how the same children in school are picked again and again....I am glad to say there has been a slight change since a new headteacher was appointed. 

So there you go. That was my top 10 blog posts of the year....


  1. Bully in school have always been on going and I hope that children should stop being so mean to one another. Fingers crossed for your kids and hope it get better soon. It is never been nice to be bully.
    What a year you had in 2017! Hope it is a smooth one next year!

  2. I remember Ellie's Shopping trip online!! It's been an interesting year for you that's for sure. x

  3. Lovely to come across your blog via #ShareYourYear - Northumberland just happens to be one of our favourite places!

  4. Solitary confinement is my idea of heaven... well, if I had internet access and a few books! Thanks for link up with #ShareYourYear!