Friday, 21 July 2017

The countdown for the holidays is on! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

At 1pm and quarter past my girls break up from school for the summer holidays and it can't come soon enough....We have been counting down all week.....

We seem to have had a rubbish end to the school year....Last week was the stress with the suspected ADHD with Ellie and this week Becky had a little drama at school with a boy coming onto this blog, taking and printing out photos of her and Ellie then having them at school.....I have since found out he had been bullying Becky along with another girl but what is confusing and very creepy is that the photos he took were just normal one's, nothing bad and they didn't really use the photos or my blog against her....They just had them.

I will have a blog post about it soon. I refuse to write an angry, ranty post....I will wait until I have calmed down. Becky is fine but it really made me think twice about posting photos of my girls online.....Becky said "why should they ruin our blog and our fun?". Some of her other friends who know about the blog are fine with it and think it's cool.....

Despite this the girls have had a great week at school....

Ellie has had a tea party for the headteacher who is retiring today, a disco, a film afternoon and has done a lot of colouring in.....Becky has been doing fun activities. They have mixed the year groups up and had them doing crafts which sounded fantastic and she has watched plenty of films too.....

I finally seem to be over the rotten cold I had....Stu had a full weekend off work so I could just rest which was what I needed....Last week I started watching Game of Thrones....I have tried in the past but couldn't get into it. This time I did. As of writing this I am onto the 5th series. hehehe Every spare minute has been spent watching it....

I am really looking forward to not having to deal with school things for just over 6 weeks....We have some things planned for next week. A bit of baking and we have some films to watch. Nothing really exciting but it will be nice to ease into the summer holidays. Stu is off work next week too so we might have a day out somewhere...I have no idea where yet. I think it depends on the weather....

Thursday, 20 July 2017

50 Questions you’ve never been asked tag.

I saw this over on Call me Caz....I do love a tag and most of these questions are new to me!

1) Whats your favourite candle scent?
I don't really do candle's but I love a fruity scent.

2) What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
Holly Willoughby. I love her. She seems like such a nice person and dresses so well. I would so pinch her clothes.

3) What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?
Jimmy Carr....He is hilarious. I was going to pick someone I have a crush on but that would not be right. lol

4) How old do you think you'll be when you get married?
70. lol There's no rush.

5) Do you know a hoarder?
My teen Becky....She tries to keep everything! An example of this is her school bag. Nobody needs about 6 tins of deodorants. lol

6) Can you do the splits?
Not any more...

7) How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike?
Probably about 5 years old...My grandad taught me.

8) How many oceans have you swam in?
One...The North sea counts?

9) How many countries have you visited?
Scotland and Wales so 2. I haven't travelled much.

10) Is anyone in your family in the army?

11) What would you name your daughter if you had one?
I have Becky and Ellie but if I was to have another one I would call her Isabelle.

12) What would you name your son if you had one?

13) What's the worst grade you've got in a test?
I did pretty well at school....One thing does stick in my mind. In primary school I sucked at spellings and quite often got zero out of ten in the tests.

14) What was your favourite TV show as a kid?
I loved Grange Hill, Kenan & Kel, Knightmare and Neighbours.

15) What did you dress up as for halloween when you were 8?
Probably a witch. I was always a witch.

16) Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
I have read Harry Potter but not the others....I have seen all the films though. hehehe

17) Would you rather have an American accent or a British one?
An American one....I am guessing if I had one I would want a British one though. lol

18)  Did your mother go to university?

19) Are your grandparents still married?
On my dad's side they are both dead and my mothers side I have no idea....

20) Have you ever taken karate lessons?
No, but I would quite like to.

21) Do you know who kermit the frog is?
Of course.

22) What was the first amusement park you went to?
Flamingo Land.

23) What language beside your native language would you like to be fluent in?
Spanish! It's such a beautiful language...

24) Do you spell the colour as grey or gray?
Grey. I always get confused to which one it is though...

25) Is your father bald?
Nope...He has a full head of hair....

26) Do you know any triplets?

27) Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?
 Titanic. The Notebook just didn't do it for me...

28) Have you ever had Indian food?
Yes, I do love an Indian takeaway....

29) What's the name of your favourite restaurant?
The Fox Cover. One of our local pubs that has a restaurant.

30) Have you ever been to Nandos?
No! I never have. I just don't see the attraction with it.

31) Do you belong to any warehouse stores? (Costco, Bookers ect)
No but my friends do and we used to go and get the sweets for the school PTA events. I could easily spend a small fortune on things. hehehe

32) What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
Tony. I am so glad I wasn't a boy. Sorry to anyone called Tony.

33) If you have a nickname what is it?
I don't really but my dad calls me Kimbo.

34) Who's your favourite person in the world?
I can't just pick one....It has to be my fella and my two girls.

35) Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?
The countryside. We live in-between at the moment. In a small town.

36) Can you whistle?
Yes. Badly.

37) Do you sleep with a nightlight?
No but we leave the landing light on for Ellie and I have got used to sleeping with it on.

38) Do you eat breakfast every morning?
No. I rarely eat breakfast. If I do it is usually at about 10am.

40) What medical conditions do you have?
I have leaky valves in my heart, a double uterus and a dodgy back.

41) How many times have you been to hospital?
4 times over night....When I broke my arm as a child, I had my appendix out when I was 18 and when I had both of my girls. Many times to A&E. I used to horse ride and fall off a lot.

42) Have you ever seen finding nemo?
Yes. Hasn't everybody. lol Such a cute film.

43) Where do you buy your jeans?
Asda, M&S or Sports Direct.

44) What's the last compliment you got?
I don't know...One that sticks in my mind was from Ellie who said "You look like a real grown up" when I had got some new clothes a few weeks ago. lol

45) Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?
Yes. Some of the things I dream about are so strange especially if I have been eating before bed.

46) What flavour tea do you enjoy?
Just normal Tetley tea. 

47) How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
About 4. I am not a shoe person.

48) What religion will you raise your children to practice?
I'm not. I am not religious so if they want to follow one it's their decision.

49) How old were you when you found out Santa wasn't real?
I was probably about 9 or 10. It was so sad.

50) Why do you have a blog?
To record all the family moments which I would probably forget about....

I'm not going to tag anyone....If you want to do this tag go ahead.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fred's Box - WWE Ooshies - Review.

I have been a fan of the WWE (wrestling) for as long as I can remember. Way back when it was the WWF. hehehe My girls are fan's too so when Fred's Box got in touch asking if we wanted to review a WWE Ooshies box it was a big Hell Yeah! (I was channeling my inner Stone Cold Steve Austin).

The Ooshie Subscription Box is aimed at everybody over the age of five....I had heard of Ooshies but wasn't too sure what they were...Ellie my 9 year old knew what they were though and loved the idea of having some of her own.

Ooshies are squishy mini figures of your favourite characters that also double up as pencil toppers.

Within the Fred's Box you will receive between 2 and 10 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil, a sticker and 2 design it your self postcards to send to family and friends or even back to Fred's Box if you would like to be in with a chance to win some goodies....

There are four different sizes of boxes:

Small Fred's Box - contains 2 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil 2 x design it yourself postcards, a sticker and costs £3.99.
Standard Fred's Box - contains 4 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil 2 x design it yourself postcards, a sticker and costs £6.99.
Medium Fred's Box - contains 6 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil 2 x design it yourself postcards, a sticker and costs £9.99
Large Fred's Box - contains 10 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil 2 x design it yourself postcards, a sticker and costs £16.99.

And there are four different themed boxes.Marvel, DC Comics, WWE and Disney. 

We were very excited to receive the WWE Ooshie box....
I could instantly tell who 5 of the 6 Ooshies were.

From left to right. Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton (I had to look on the handy sheet that was in the box because it was hard to tell if it was him or The Rock), Bray Wyatt and Booker T.

Ellie had a great time looking at who they were. She recognised a couple instantly but had great fun looking up who they were and seeing if they were rare or common. We got 3 rare's which made her very happy! 

She then spent the next half hour playing wrestling with them....They were a huge hit and has already asked for another box....

I think these are great boxes and I could see myself buying both of my girls them in the future. Even my teen likes to collect things like this. They would be fantastic as a treat.

When you buy a Fred's box full payment is taken up front for a one off gift or you can pay monthly for a subscription. Delivery is £2 for all UK orders, £4 for Europe orders and £6.50 per month for USA/Canada orders. Fred's Box say they will never send the same Ooshies twice so you will always get something new to look forward to each month.

As well as Ooshie subscription boxes Fred's Box also does Mystery subscription boxes which cost £11.99....In those boxes there is things like age appropriate reading books, trading cards, Fred's Box pencils, design your own postcards, stickers, crayons and other mystery gifts....

We were sent a Fred's Box free of charge to review....All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

ADHD Maybe?

I wrote this over 3 days last week when things started happening with Ellie and mentioned it in my Word of the Week post....

A couple of weeks ago Ellie got her school report....They way they work out the grades now is. Emerging meaning they are just grasping what they are learning, developing meaning they are within the level and secure means they have a full understanding and are ready to move to the next year....By the end of the school year the aim is to be secure in all the subjects.

All of Ellie's were developing apart from writing where it was emerging which I thought was OK. We had chance to go to speak to the teacher and it was and enlightening chat.....

Ellie is a daydreamer and always has been....Over the years all of her teachers have said this....She has always struggled to concentrate but is as bright as a button she just doesn't apply herself. She will sit there and do nothing or let someone else do the work.....Her teacher has really noticed this and has said although she is quite capable she just isn't doing enough work....She has to be prompted to work a lot and is falling way behind the other children....

I cried....No one likes being told their child isn't doing well but I have known and it sounds awful to say there has always been something different about Ellie....The little quirks she has, bedtime being a battle, the bad behaviour, lack of patience and other little things.....When it comes to school I have always put it down to the fact she is a summer baby....She was born on the 29th of August so some of the kids in her class are nearly a year older than her...

ADHD was brought up....I really don't know how I am feeling at the moment....Reading about it online, Ellie certainly ticks a lot of the boxes but I don't know. Years ago when we have seen professionals they brushed it off and said she'll grow out of it...She hasn't. She is nearly 10....Surely by now someone would have picked it up? I should have picked it up by now....

Ellie also has problems controlling her bladder....This could be part of it too....Not as much as she used to but she sometimes gets so engrossed in something that she just forgets to go....There are times where she doesn't want to be left out of a game and she will have an accident....Over the years it has improved but she probably wets her self about 5 times a week. There is no pattern to it and being wet doesn't seem to bother her....A few months ago she was wetting herself nearly every day at school. Her teacher tried being nice and eventually tried a different tactic. She told Ellie she would get a red card (a bad thing at school, green is good red is bad). Since then she has not wet herself at school and has wet herself less at home too.

Ellie's teacher said she could get the head teacher to make a referral but there is only two weeks left of term so who knows when we would be seen so she advised us to see our doctor as it would be quicker and she would write any letters, make phone calls or anything to support us.....

Ellie will have her Year 6 SAT exams next year and Miss N is really worried about her.....I am too now. If it is proved that she has some sort of ADHD it means she can get more support and help which is a good thing....The good thing is there has been a change around at school and the teacher she had this past year will be her teacher in year 6 too!!! I am so pleased.

We rang the doctors and our surgery doesn't give out appointments freely....A doctor rang us back and Stu explained everything....The doctor said it sounds like her other health problems are holding her back. Her deafness and bladder problems. Apart from that she sounds like any child her age....

We were told to contact the school nurse which of course we did....The asked lots of questions then said they'll be in touch in September as they don't work over the summer holidays. Don't even get me started about how I feel about this.....They have a huge backlog of cases surely it would make sense to catch up over the summer while no one is being referred from schools because they are closed....Ugh.

We told Ellie's teacher what we were told and she said "No! Ellie needs something in place to help her for the new term starting"....It doesn't have to go through the school nurse, the doctors can help so we got back on the phone to the doctors the next day and she said because we have stressed that things need to be sorted by September the information we gave the school nurse will now be passed to someone else to deal with it....Someone will be in touch over the next few weeks....Phew! Someone is going to help us.

At the moment I don't know how I am feeling....Happy my girl is getting help but sad that she needs it....Happy that my girl has her teacher backing her all the way but sad that we have had to fight so much already to get someone to listen to us.....I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan went well sort of....The kids ate everything I ate hardly anything. I picked and lived of cereal and toast...I was full of cold. The snot has just about gone now but I have been left with a stupid cough. On Saturday I coughed so much that I was making myself sick. Eww! Stu my fella told me to sit down and do nothing so that's what I did. Him having the whole weekend off couldn't have came at a better time.....

This week is the last week of school for my girls....On Friday when the shopping was delivered I thought to myself I will have to start spending more on food while the girls are off school. They will obviously need lunch and snacks. We are going to try to have set snack times during the holidays so they are not picking all day then not eating their tea....

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Corned beef pie, chips and beans....
Tuesday - Saucy sausage pasta....
Wednesday - Cod steaks in butter sauce with new potatoes.....
Thursday - Tuna & sweetcorn slice with salad....
Friday - McDonalds. A treat for finishing the school year....
Saturday - Apple and sage Pork burgers in buns with wedges....
Sunday - Roast chicken dinner....

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Failing at parenting. #MySundayPhoto

Becky my teen had a lesson about parenting at school....They made a paper cube, named it and gave it a bit of personality. They were told to look after it and if they managed to bring it back to the next lesson they would get a prize.

Becky's lasted an hour before she sat on it. Oops. She fails at parenting. lol

Saturday, 15 July 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 28 #Project365

This past week has been a rubbish one....Ellie's teacher thinks she has ADHD, I've been waiting for a phone call from Becky's school since Wednesday about her GCSE options and I've been full of cold which has made me feel pretty grumpy about everything. 

I have still managed a photo every day. Hooray!

182/365 - 8th July
My teen with

183/365 - 9th July
Playing with water keeps her happy.

184/365 - 10th July
Reading up about ADHD....Ellie does show signs of it.

185/365 - 11th July
Cough medicine for me....Ugh!

186/365 - 12th July
Becky's bag broke....It's a good job we had a spare she could use for the last couple of weeks of school....She spent abou half an hour getting rid of all the junk. 

187/365 - 13th July
Sitting waiting for Ellie to come out of her detention....She got one for forgetting her homework. I forgot to put it into her bag but the teacher is trying to teach the kids about responsibility....

188/365 - 14th July
I saw someone mention these Bailey's iced coffee latte drinks...I had to get some to try...

Friday, 14 July 2017

ADHD, GCSE Options and Sports day. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I don't know if it's because I have been full of cold and I have a short fuse at the moment but there has been moments this week where it feels like I have been banging my head against a brick wall or have wanted too. lol

Monday I woke up with hayfever or so I though....I had sneezed about 500 times by lunchtime....I really don't think it was hayfever...It seems more like a cold. I have gone through 4 boxes of tissues....

We had a parents evening for Ellie earlier in the week which will be a whole other blog post but the long and short of it is her teacher suspects she has ADHD.....I feel like she could too. She ticks a lot of the boxes. The schools referrals take forever so she suggested we ring our GP. We did and the GP decided over a phone consultation she is "like any other girl her age" but might have a slight delay due to her heart, eye and hearing problems....We were told to ring the school nurse which we did....They took all of Ellie's details, asked more questions than the doctor and then said they will look into it but it won't be until September because they don't work over the summer holidays....We spoke again to a different doctor and she said the information will be sent somewhere else and someone will be in touch over the next few weeks....

The whole point of rushing this through was because Ellie has her SATs next year and her teacher thinks she is going to really struggle....I hate the thought of her struggling so any help she can get will be amazing....

Becky choose her GCSE options earlier in the year and she was told they were all fine....Now she has been told that she can't do French and has to do Food prep and nutrition....The reason which was given was because not enough kids chose French to make a class up. I think that is so unfair....

Instead of Religious Studies she has been given Statistics which isn't too bad but she won't do well in it....It was the best of a bad bunch of subjects....There was Art, Construction, Film studies, Hair & Beauty, Media, Music in that section which she had no interest in...

She's not going to try when it comes to Food prep and nutrition. Bye, bye GCSE and with Statistics she doesn't have the passion or understanding when it comes to numbers. Bye, bye to another GCSE....

Now I feel like her whole education is ruined! Over dramatic I know....She chose French, Geography, Health and Social care and Religious Studies because they gelled well together and when she leaves education she wants to do something in the care sector like social work. She was advised to take these subjects by the career person....What a waste of time that was.

Of course I rang the school on Wednesday morning....The man who deals with the GCSE options was supposed to ring us back Wednesday but didn't.....We rang back and he was busy so was supposed to ring us yesterday. As of writing this on Thursday 4pm he hasn't....The longer it is taking the angrier I'm getting.

Becky had her sports day yesterday.....She wasn't going to go. They take the whole school to Gateshead stadium and only the sporty people get to take part in the majority of the day.....Last time she attended a sports day she spent the day just sat watching...She was all for not going but on Wednesday she decided she wanted to. She took a packed lunch and had a great day with her friends....

I think the whole thing is a waste of time and money. It can't be cheap to transport all the kids to the stadium....The money could be spent elsewhere like employ an extra couple of people to deal with the GCSE options....hahaha

We have one week left of school and I can't wait until this time next week....I am sure as soon as the holidays start all my stress will disappear!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Our Summer Bucket List...

Over the last few years I have written a summer bucket list.....We have just under 2 weeks until my girls break up from school for the summer so I have been coming up with some ideas.....

We will of course be doing all the usual things like going to the beach, park trips and of course we'll have plenty of lazy days but the kids have been asking to do things which seemed like too much effort for a weekend. Lots of crafty/baking things which I am including and I of course hope to be able to say in September we have done everything.....

Make our own Bath Bombs....
See Despicable Me 3....
Do the Skittles Experiment....
Go on a picnic....
Mooch around the charity shops in town....
Go for a train ride....
Have a movie day....Close the curtains, eat sweets and enjoy the film....
Have all of us play the Sims 4....
Have a water fight....
Make Mug Cakes....
Find a park we haven’t been to and visit it.
Hula hoop....
Visit Alnwick Castle....
Take the kids shopping to Primark for new clothes and let them choose what they want, within reason.....
Go for afternoon tea....
Make some new clothes for Monkey....
Watch all of Pretty Little Liars with my teen....
Make Slime....
Have fish and chips at the beach....
See the sun set....
Sort all of our Lego out....
Paddle in the sea....

What do you have planned for the summer holidays?

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Life on the Farm - If my parents knew....

This is the fourth post in the series I am doing about the life I had growing up on a farm....You can read the other posts. The Vehicles and about the fun I had camping

When I was growing up on the farm my main playmate was my brother......We fought like cat and dog but there were times when we were as thick as thieves....I am actually chuckling to myself thinking about what I am going to write in this blog post.....The things my brother and I got up to were shocking....Well not at the time but as a parent now I would be terrified if my girls did what we did.....

These are 5 of the best memories I have of stupid things my brother and I got up to:


In case you didn't know a Tarzee is a piece of rope normally looped over a tree branch used to swing on with a stick used as the seat.....We were experts at making these and had them all over the farm on trees....We did however have a big barn.....We came up with a great idea of putting the rope over one on the metal beams in front of a chicken shed....We could jump off the top (about 8 foot high) and swing....It was brilliant.....Flying through the air! Yeah we didn't think of the friction and the rope wearing away against the metal.....I was the last person to swing on that Tarzee.....You know the R-Kelly song "I believe I can fly" I wished I could.....In slow motion I swung the full swing and the rope snapped.....For a second I flew and hit the ground with a bump! I was winded but on the farm we just shook ourselves off and got on with the day....Thank goodness there was a lot straw on the ground or else there may have been broken bones!

Not Swimming.

We had a little stream at the bottom of one of our fields.....Most of it was waist high to say an average 10 year old (me). We were told not to follow it off our property.....Of course one day my brother and I did.....We went for a good mile....My brother was in front of me....I'll just add here, he couldn't swim.....Eek. Walking along the stream he went under.....He came up splashing about and went back under.....I grabbed a bit of wood the hero I am to save him. (it may have been a twig but it worked and I managed to pull him out....He didn't drown. He could have but he didn't....

Silage climbing!

We had a field on the farm which was left for most of the year and it grew....When the time was right it was cut and made into silage. In case you didn't know silage is cut grass which is wrapped up and kept for when the weather isn't too good like in the winter and there is nothing to graze on.

Anyway the grass was cut and always wrapped in the black wrapping and piled up high....Perfect for climbing on. My brother and I had races climbing over from side to side and running across it....We were careful not to get caught by my dad. If we had split the packaging it would be ruined. One package could feed our cows for at least a few days over the winter.....


Before we actually lived on the farm we went there every Sunday while the house was being built......There was sewerage pipes being put in....They were the width of an average 6 or 7 year old (my brother).....The pipes were stood up against some bales of straw we were sat on at the time....I dared him to get in one promising I would lay it down when he did and he could crawl out......Well he got in and I layed it down but he got stuck.....The silly so and so had got in with his arms up in the air. I stood there laughing for ages....I had to ask my dad to rescue him and can you believe I was the one to get in trouble....

Chip runs!

On the farm we had plenty of horses and my brother and I or my friend and I would go for rides out.....We were around all the lanes but were not allowed to go to a certain village. It was rough. Of course we did go to this village and not only this we would visit the chip shop and get a bag of chips each. We would tie the horses up outside so we could get served.....My parents never found out. Even when we sat down to eat our tea and couldn't because we were full of chips. hehehe

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

10 Gifts for teachers. All under £10.

It's that time of the year again....It's coming to the end of the term and I have forgotten to buy any gifts for my girls teacher.....I only buy Ellie's teacher a gift. Becky is in secondary school and she has so many teachers. I am not buying one for each one. lol

This year I have Ellie's class teacher to buy for as usual and I also want to get our head teacher something as she is retiring at the end of the school year....

I have came up with a list of ideas for us who have left things a little too late....Things that are available in our high street shops.

Superstar teacher pouch - £8.50 - Paperchase.
Thank You Teacher Weekly Desk Planner - £5.00 - Clinton Cards
Superstar teacher mug - £8.00 - Paperchase

Do you have teachers to buy for this year? What are you getting them?