Saturday, 24 June 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 25 #Project365

This past week has been a strange one.....The first half was glorious sunshine the second half was not so bright....We had a couple of storms and it has cooled down a lot. This better have not been our summer! I hate the heat but I do like the sunshine.

Now for a photo every day!

168/365 - 17th June
Paddling pool fun....

169/365 - 18th June
Off to a fun day at the park....It wasn't much fun which was a shame. There was hardly anything there so we went to the playground for half an hour until the heat beat us....

170/365 - 19th June
My teen had an exciting delivery from Wicked Uncle. The review will be on here next week.

171/365 - 20th June
Our washer broke down again....The same fault that we had last month....The engineer came out and it was fixed by Wednesday lunchtime. Of course it broke when I had tons of washing to do....

172/365 - 21st June
While some people in the country had the hottest day in June since 1976 in Ashington where I live it was quite grey and chilly compared to what it had been....We had thunder....I didn't manage to catch any lightning though.

173/365 - 22nd June
I won't be eating too many of these in one go. After 2 my mouth was

174/365 - 23rd June
My youngest says it's not fair that she gets homework every weekend and her sister gets none. Her sister gets to play on her tablet while she is writing. Not fair at all....Ellie can't wait to go to secondary school so she doesn't have homework. hehehe

Friday, 23 June 2017

A broken washing machine & no towels. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I have been trying to come up with a word but nothing much has happened and what has seems to have revolved around washing! 

Over the weekend we had glorious sunshine which was perfect for father's day.....The beginning of the week was lovely too.....The kids had been playing in the paddling pool for days. Ellie has decided that if she goes in the paddling pool she doesn't need a bath or shower. I had to tell her it doesn't work like that. lol The kids had used nearly all the towels drying themselves, putting on the floor and they even dropped a couple in the paddling pool.....It's not like we don't have a lot of towels. We have about 20 big one's. The kids just got a bit carried away. lol

Of course my washing machine decided it would be the perfect time to break down again when we were in desperate need of towels.....

According to twitter (I checked) It was only the 15th of May last time we got the washer repaired. A wire had came loose inside which meant it would run through the wash cycle but the drum wouldn't actually move.....The same thing happened again.....The engineer was hopeless this time. Complaining of a bad back, our kitchen been too small to work and saying we are over filling the washing machine....Last month the other engineer had no problems. Grr! He thinks he has secured the loose wire but I'm secretly hoping he hasn't.....The repair/care plan we have says that if something breaks down 3 times with the same fault we get a brand new appliance for the same value. We've had our washer about 7 years so we're due a new one....hehehe

So our washer was fixed by Wednesday lunchtime....That's when the heavens decided to open and we had a thunder storm....Ugh! Yesterday I managed to get a load dried inside and one on the line when the sun decided to show it's self.....All morning it had looked like rain.

Becky has been struggling at school with the heat....Her school has a glass roof and huge windows so it is basically a big greenhouse....She has been coming in every day and going straight in the shower just to cool down....More towels On Wednesday evening she was using hand towels to dry herself. lol 

I still have a couple of baskets of washing to catch up with and the beds need changing. It's a good job the weather hasn't been that warm here the last couple of days. I would have had a right job keeping Ellie out of the pool but at the same time I need some sunshine to dry the

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I'm now a trendy mam....

Over the past few weeks I have been buying myself some new clothes....Both my girls have said I look trendy and so cool....Yay! I feel like I am winning at life....

It all started a few weeks ago....I was in dire need of some new trainers....The one's I had were about 8 years old. I treated myself and bought some fancy Nike T Lite XI Ladies Trainers for £28.00 from Sports Direct.....

While I was on there I decided I needed a thin coat or a hoodie to wear on the school run for those days where it's warm and dry but not warm enough to just wear a t-shirt. I came across the Puma No1 Logo Hoody for £14. The size 18 that I got fits well but I would have liked it baggier... 

Then I started to get a bit carried away.....I saw some jeggings which were only £4.99. I'm not usually one to wear leggings or jeggings but I thought I'd give them a try. I also got a couple of Miso Long Line Yarn Dye Boyfriend T Shirts. One in grey and black and one in white and black. I couldn't just get one because they were offer. Two for £9.00. They are so comfy and just the right length.

I was very happy with my purchases....So much so that last week when my ballet pump shoes got a hole in the first place I thought of looking was Sports Direct....

I only went on for a cheap pair of shoes....I got those. I actually bought two pairs. lol Some Miss Fiori Canvas Mary Jane Ladies Shoes for £3.50 and some Slazenger Canvas Ladies Slip Ons for £4.00....These actually look so much better in real life compared to online. They are so comfy too!

While I was on there I thought I might as well have look to see if they had any more Miso tops....I have never heard of the brand before I bought the first two tops and I liked them so much....I found the Miso Printed Boyfriend T Shirts. One in grey the other in white and they had unicorns on which has annoyed Ellie These were two for £8.00. 

I also bought another pair of jeggings....The same brand, just a different colour. I was over wearing the first pair and I don't want to be known as that person who never changes her Jeans are the thing of the past for me now. hehehe

My teen has already eyeing up my new clothes.....She said I could wash the hoodie and shrink it and then she could have it....Hmm! I don't think so. lol

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Stand Up To Bullying!

Today is Stand Up To Bullying Day....I think in one way or another most people have been bullied in their life....It's a sad, sad shame that bullying still happens especially with what is going on in our world today....

I was bullied all the way through school....For being too quiet, for not having the right trainers, for not shaving my legs enough one day for P.E, for living on a farm, for not living in the right area, for having my dad drop me off at school, for having free school meals, for not being a fast runner.....I could go on. Lots of the reasons I was bullied looking back on now were ridiculous but if someone is out to bully you they will pick on the smallest thing and make it more than it is!

It was never violent....It was name calling, excluding me, and threats being made....It could have been worse but it has still affected me in life. I think I am shy and lack confidence because of the bullies....

As an adult I have been bullied by people in the school playground....The looks, the sly comments. I just let it wash over me and think to myself that I am just there to drop off and pick up my girls....

Both of my girls have been bullied in the past.....

Becky was bullied for a long time by one certain girl in her class.....On and off from nursery until about Year 6. The girl just took a dislike to Becky.....There was name calling and kicking under the table. The teachers would keep stopping it but the girl was relentless. I think the only reason it stopped was because they went up to secondary school and they were separated. I am not blaming the primary school. The girl was just a nasty piece of work....

We still had a few issues to start with at the secondary school but they were soon stopped when the police became involved because things were happening outside of school.....Some forms of bullying are illegal: serious physical violence or assault, theft, repeated harassment or intimidation e.g. threats, abusive phone calls or messages, or hate crime.

I have blogged about Ellie being bullied.....She was bullied by one girl off and on for a few years....Then another group of girls in her class. I did another post updating saying how everything was great....Ellie is now best friends with the person who was the main bully! I do believe now it is a genuine friendship.....There was a few issues with Ellie verging on being a bully.....I was so ashamed of her. I think she had just got a little cocksure of herself. She seems to have went back to being nice and friendly with everyone.....I did have serious words with her though.

With both of my girls I was very pro-active in getting the bullying stopped as soon as I could. Thankfully the schools were brilliant. 

There has been times walking home from school with Ellie where I have caught kids being nasty and bullying someone....I have had words with them. I have then the next day gone in to see a teacher and reported the events...I will not stand by and watch someone being bullied....

According to Channel Mum the top ten reasons children are bullied are:

Being clever – 19 per cent
Not being cool – 13 per cent
Being overweight – 10 per cent
Not being pretty / attractive – 9 per cent
Not being sporty – 9 per cent
Being pretty / attractive – 8 per cent
Hair colour  - 5 per cent  
Family being tight for money – 5 per cent
Race / religion – 5 per cent
Being skinny – 3 per cent

It seems like kids can't win.....If they are overweight they're bullied but if they're skinny they are bullied too....We tell kids to try hard at school but if they are too clever they could get bullied....Eesh! Children can be so cruel.

Have you been bullied in the past or have your children?

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Fabulous Father's Day....

We had a lovely weekend and on Sunday my fella was spoilt rotten....We all managed to have a lie in until about 10am. Phew! Ellie was on about getting up early to give Stu his cards and presents....

Stu loved everything....He got socks, a mug, glass, hankies, a biscuit tin, a new screwdriver set and of course his cards....He was very impressed and loved all the super hero things....

We had big plans for the day.....We were going to go to the a fun day at the local park then out for our Sunday lunch....

Ellie and her monkey had matching outfits.....The shorts Ellie had on used to be jeans....I don't know where they came from but she didn't like them and wanted some new clothes for Monkey so Stu made him a little outfit then Ellie decided she wanted to keep the jeans as shorts so she matched...The things we do for our

We went off to the park for the fun day but it wasn't exactly fun. There was a couple of stalls, a police van for kids to sit in and a tiny bouncy castle....We were quite disappointed.

We headed off to the playground for half an hour. The kids had a run around and Stu and I sat in the shade. Wow it was hot....

We decided to head home as the sweat was dripping off the kids....We passed by the tiny bouncy castle on the way home which caused a huge kick off from Ellie. She was too big for it and it was full of little kids. She huffed all the way home. Oh joy. 

At home we all sat and ate ice lollies which got Ellie out of her strop.....Going out for lunch was not what anyone wanted....It was too hot to eat a big meal. We had a sandwich and decided that we would just get a takeaway for tea.....

The girls spent the afternoon playing outside and Stu got to just play on his computer with no interruptions.....The water in the paddling pool was freezing but it didn't bother the girls in the slightest....I also gave them the hosepipe to play with. They had a fab afternoon....

They tidied the back yard, got dry and came in to do all the usual Sunday jobs like finding their uniform, finishing off homework and packing their bags.....When they had finished Ellie said she wanted to go back outside to play. Tennis or with a ball I thought. I went out to find her sat in the paddling pool in her PJ' Oh joy!

Pizza was eaten and the kids went off to bed....Stu had a perfect father's day. The day hadn't quite gone to plan but it worked out well in the end.....

Monday, 19 June 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Another week....Another meal plan.

Last weeks meal plan went pretty well....When I was writing it I knew it was Father's day yesterday but forgot to factor it in to the meal plan.....We ended up getting a takeaway which was just as well. I don't think I could have cooked a chicken casserole in the heat! Wasn't it such a lovely weekend.....I like it when it's hot as long as I don't have to go outside or move much. hehehe

My fella is on late shifts all this week. Ugh. So he won't be eating with the girls and I which means I will be keeping things simple. hehehe. He will make something himself when he gets in....

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Roast chicken dinner.....
Tuesday - BLT pasta salad....
Wednesday - Hot dogs in buns with fries....
Thursday - Prawn cocktail salad....
Friday - Pizza....
Saturday - Breaded Chicken Goujons, coleslaw and potato salad....
Sunday - A stir fry of some sort....

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

A letter to my dad on Father's Day...

My dad doesn't read my blog...Well I don't think he does. I decided to write a letter to him last night.....

Dear dad,

 I don't know if you will ever read this. If you do I think it will be Sarah your girlfriend who shows you it. *Cringe*. (Please don't Sarah. hehehe)....I hate saying Sarah is your girlfriend.....It seems like  a childish/teenage phrase.....Lets call her your partner....She is wonderful and has changed your life. She is one of a handful of people I can talk to....You chose well. You are a happier person since you met her....I think you two will be together forever!

You know about my blog...I don't think you understand it but you humor me....You think my blog is a proper website. It is but it's not. You seem to think I know everything about the internet just because I blog....In fact you seem to think I know everything about computers just because I have a laptop....I really don't....

I have gone off on one talking about one thing when I should be talking about something else......You do that to me. You distract me every time. We speak on the phone every few days and in my head I will have something to say to you but you go off on one about football, telling me about someone who did something random or a film you have watched.....

Yes dad, you watch more films than I do. Stop bragging and stop ruining them for me......I am cryptic when it comes to describing the plot of a film....You are not. You say "Do you know that film about a such and such where such and such happens....Yeah, he dies at the end.....I'm going to start ruining Match of the Day for you when the football season starts again. hehehe I always see the scores on Twitter.

Please learn to use your phone....Those silent/misdialed phone calls at 7am on a Saturday morning are not appreciated.....I know you call me by mistake but stop and while I am on talking about phone calls please stop going in the shower and continuing to talk to me....It's just wrong and I don't want to think about you with no clothes on....Your my dad but Eww!

Let's get serious.....

We were never the closest when I was a child/teenager....I think that we have got closer since my mother up and left. Never mind think, I know we have....I love the random chats we have, especially those when you let your guard down....Those chats really make me smile. You like to pretend you are strong but you can't be all the time...

Let people help you......People who are there for you are there for you because they want to be not because they have to be.....You know if I had the money I would be there with you now but circumstances are against us.....Summer is coming and we will all be coming to visit you! Stu, the girls and I....I won't be telling you when. We will just arrive. Yes it might be rude but I want to make sure you are not over doing things....

We are both not the soppy/emotional type towards each other but dad I love you! I really do....You can tell me off all you want for buying you fathers day presents but tough luck! You are the only dad I have and I want to treat you!

Dad I love you.....Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being you!

Love from Kimbo.

Happy Father's Day! #MySundayPhoto

A couple of my fella's pressies for today.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 24 #Project365

These weeks are going by too quickly. The year is almost half over....Eek!

Here are my photos for the past week....One for everyday!

161/365 - 10th June
A lazy Saturday morning....

162/365 - 11th June
Our new favorite shower gel....Chocolate flavour. It's already all gone.

163/365 - 12th June
My teen made oat cookies at school....They were delicious.

164/365 - 13th June
Ellie's homework....I have to Google what Possessive nouns and things were. I'm sure since I have left school they have made these things up as I don't remember learning about them.

165/365 - 14th June
Father's day pressies for my fella.

166/365 - 15th June
I bought some tops for myself....Ellie was no amused. She loves unicorns. hehehe

167/365 - 16th June
Ellie's Monkey out in the garden. hehehe

Friday, 16 June 2017

A big thank you! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I thought this week was going to be a dull one....After all the worry of last week I was glad of a nice calm week with no drama....

The calm week was going well....The person I mentioned who had a stroke is recovering. They are getting the feeling and movement back in their arm. Phew! They have had physio and a lots of people out to see them. I feel less worried now....I know they are taking things easy and are being well looked after. I am so thankful that they have people around them who care when I can't be there....

Ellie seems to have settled down at school....We have had a drama free week and of course Becky has been no bother at all....

I know I blogged about what happened on Wednesday already... I only went & won a Cinema room for The Freeman Hospital! but it has been a big part of my week and I have had time to think things through....

When my girls had their heart surgery nearly 8 years ago I was truly grateful to everyone at the hospital. Everyone from the lovely lady who brought us food, the porter who gave me a smile and nod when he saw how hard it was to go through taking 2 children into surgery within a day of each other, the nurses who told me to go away, have a break and get some fresh air, the amazing anesthetists who kept my girls alive on the operating table, the play assistant who took us off to the playroom for some fun, the surgeon who fixed my girls hearts, the cleaner who saw I was upset and gave me a hug, the nurses who came and checked on the machines when they started to beep, the sister of the ward who was there to catch me when I first saw Becky in intensive care and the ambulance man who checked on me when he saw me just sat against a wall crying when Becky was in intensive care and Ellie was in surgery. (I probably looked like someone having a breakdown). There was so many people in The Freeman hospital who helped me so much which I will forever be grateful to.

Over the years I have tried to do my bit to raise awareness about CHD's but I have never been able to do anything for the hospital which saved my girls lives until now...

I read the email informing me about the win, blogged about it but I don't think it really sank in until yesterday when I saw that someone had tagged me in post on Facebook. Someone had shared an article on the Newcastle Hospitals website mentioning my name....It all seems real now, because of me children in hospital are going to have something to smile about....

The local press have asked to speak to me but I have declined. I am just conversing via email. Despite writing a blog I don't like the attention....I am a shy person and I am rubbish at speaking to people in real life....I know it's just a confidence thing but that's the way I feel. 

I feel like I have now gone a little way to say thank you to an amazing hospital....People have been saying thank you and well done to me but I don't feel like I deserve it. I only nominated the hospital. Other people voted and the judges decided an overall winner from those shortlisted. The amazing staff are the people that need thanking!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Preparing for a Unicorn Birthday...

It's that time of the year where I start to think about my girls birthdays....They are not until the end of August and beginning of September but I like to be prepared...I really don't have a clue what to get my teenager, Becky this year but for Ellie is is all about Unicorns!! 

I have been looking around and have already seen so many things....This is what I've came up with.

Unicorn light - Amazon - £12.49
Unicorn Slogan Water Bottle - New Look - £6.99
Unicorn Ceramic Coin Banks - Baker Ross - £3.45
The Unicorns Made Me Do It. Print - Not on the High Street - £12.00
Rainbow Unicorn Cushion - Claires - £12.00

Unicorn Cookie Cup - IWOOT - £7.99
Unicorn Star unicorn lunch bag - Paperchase - £15.00

Last year Ellie had a BBQ for her birthday and I got all the little extras like plates, cups and decorations from Party Delights which I think we'll be using this year too....They have a gorgeous range of Unicorn themed things.....

We Heart Unicorn Plates (£3.99 for 12), Napkins (£3.49 for 16) and Gold/Pink Cups (£2.99 for 12) are just gorgeous!

Unicorn Horn Party Hats (£2.55 for 8) are a must....Last year Ellie loved the Beach ball pinata she had and this year they of course have the Unicorn Pinata Kit (£26.99). I think I might have to do some baking to give these Unicorn Sugar Toppers (£3.99 for 6) a go....They are just adorable.

Are you a fan of Unicorns?

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I only went & won a Cinema room for The Freeman Hospital!

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post sharing a competition where you could nominate your local hospital for a Cine-makeover....Obviously I nominated The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle where my girls both had their open heart surgery.....

I filled in the nomination form and forgot about it....I don't think I even asked people to vote but they did and I thank you for that....It was shortlisted and a panel of expert judges, including Mark Craven, editor of leading consumer magazine, Home Cinema Choice, Margaret Jeal, acting chair at the Action for Sick Children’s Charity and Heart Radio Yorkshire presenter, Rich Williams all choose the Freeman Hospital!!!

Through my nomination our hospital has only gone and won a cinema room worth more than £15,000 with a full suite, top-of-the-range equipment including a HD projector and 100 inch screen, state-of-the-art surround sound, Blu-Ray player and games console, as well as a series of children’s movies all from Finite Solutions!

I was emailed this afternoon to inform me of the news....I was in shock and cried happy tears....

Ward Sister Lesley Hamilton said of the win for Freeman Hospital: “We are absolutely delighted to be receiving the cine-makeover and couldn’t be happier to receive such a fantastic prize. We have a hard-working community of medical and care professionals at Freeman Hospital, and we are dedicated to ensuring our patients’ stays on our wards are as enjoyable and relaxed for all as possible. The prize will greatly assist us with bringing joy and relaxation for our child patients and visitors to our wards.”

I am so happy that something I have done, something as simple as a nomination is going help children and their families during what can be the worst time in their lives....

Thank you if you voted and Eek! I am a little bit in shock!

****Edited**** The news has sunk in a little more and I blogged a more about it in my Word of the Week post and about how grateful I am to the Freeman Hospital. Without the Freeman hospital my girls might not have been here today!! 

Get Your Freak On Tag: 15 Weird Things About Me!

I found this tag ages, and ages ago....Probably over 2 years ago and it has been sat in my drafts since then...I am on a mission to clear out my draft posts and didn't want to just delete this so here we go.

1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
I don't really have one....My dad does like to call me Kimbo which I totally hate...Grr!

2. What weird habits do you have?
I have to lick the flavour off crisps before I actually eat them. Disgusting....The TV volume can NEVER be set at an odd number. I talk to myself when I am home alone. lol

3. Do you have any weird phobias?
When I was a teen a cut my hand quite badly when a drinking glass smashed when I was washing the dishes now I am afraid to wash glasses. lol I will wash everything else and leave them for someone else to do.

4. What's a song you secretly love to blast & belt out when you're alone?
I love cheesy 90's music. It would probably be something like Reach for the Stars by S Club 7

5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
People walking slowly in front of me....

6. What's one of your nervous habits?
Chewing my nails, tapping my fingers and pacing about.

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The left hand side closest to the door....I have tried sleeping on the other side (Stu's side) but I really hate sleeping next to the window.

8. What was your first stuffed animal & it's name?
I can't remember my first teddy having a name but it was a pink one that some friend of my mothers hand made for me. I had it until I was about 14. It was put in storage and there was a flood and it didn't survive. 

9. What's the drink you always order at Starbucks?
I have never been to a Starbucks! lol.

10. What's the beauty rule you preach....but never actually practice?
Take your makeup off before you go to bed....I don't wear make up often and when I do it is usually for a night out and after a night out all I can think about is sleep.

11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Away from the water.....I hate the running water on my face.

12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I can twist my ankles and make them crack. Probably not the best thing to do.

13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food that's 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
Chocolate, Pot Noodles or Pizza.

14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
Bloody hell....

15. Time to sleep- what are you actually wearing?
Pj's....I can't sleep naked. lol