Tuesday, 3 January 2017

ChewyMoon Subscription Box - Review!

We were recently sent a box from ChewyMoon to have a look at....ChewyMoon is a snack box that not only had the best snacks for a growing child but also a lot of cool stuff for kids to do!

The box is letterbox friendly and when the kids saw it had arrived they were very interested! The design of the box is so appealing to kids! 

ChewyMoon provide healthy, alternative snacks and guilt-free after school treats for growing kids. And what's more they pack your box with a whole load of fun stuff for the kids to make, explore and do. Each box contains 5 healthy mini-snack packs, a fact card, a comic and a collectable totem toy.

On opening the box my girls and I loved what we saw. The snack boxes are so cute. Again very appealing to children. They look funky and interesting!

In our box we recieved:

Cherry Cola
Cola raisins, cherry & cranberry.
Raisins pack more nutrition than their small size might reveal. When grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins, the nutrients become more concentrated making a handful of raisins a snack rich in B vitamins, iron and potassium.

Happy BBQ
 Smoky almonds & smoky coconut chips.
The organic smoky coconut chips in this snack are a savoury superstar! Coconuts are a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for healthy bones and teeth.

Pizza balls, edamame beans & baked cheese.
Real cheese! Cheese is a rich source of protein and calcium, essential nutrients for bone growth. Cheese also has a vitamin B12 an important contributor to a healthy nervous system.

Freaky Fruits
Blackcurrant drops, apricot sticks, cherry cubes, peach cubes & raspberry strips.
Non-sugar super sweeties! Our chewy fruit shapes look like real sweets, taste like real sweets, feel like real sweets but contain no sugar or nasties!

Jack n Berries
Strawberry shapes, cranberry, blueberries & flapjack.
The flapjack is actually healthy! No sugar, no fuss, no nasties but plenty of fibre and a good amount of protein to fill and power you up.

Ellie tasted every one of these snacks and there were a few parts she didn't like, the smoky almonds, edamame beans and the only box she wasn't too keen on was the Cherry Cola one with cola raisins, cherry & cranberry which I thought she would love. At first she didn't like the look of the Freaky Fruits one but after tasting she loved it.

It is all down to personal taste though.....I tried the Cherry cola snack and liked it and my teen liked everything apart from the edamame beans.

As well as the snacks you also receive a few activities....A fact card, a totem to make and a comic....They are a good idea and Ellie actually learned something from the fact card. It was about clouds....

I think these boxes are a great idea....They are very appealing to children and my girls were keen to try them just because of the packaging....They are also a good way of getting children to try foods they wouldn't normally have. If I was to continue buying these they would make a fantastic after school snack. Way better for my girls than crisps or biscuits.....

Unfortunately these snacks are not suitable for children with specific allergies. All the snacks are packed in the same place so cross-contamination between snacks and ingredients can occur. These snacks may contain traces of nuts, gluten, eggs, soya, dairy, celery, mustard and sesame.

The ChewyMoon boxes cost £3.95 + 98p postage per week and are delivered by Royal Mail. They will fit through letterboxes so you don’t have to be home to receive them!

As ChewyMoon are new you can receive your first box free as an introductory offer.....

We were sent this box free of charge to review.....All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. This sounds like such a good idea to introduce healthy snacks as part of a healthy lifestyle. I try to encourage healthy eating at every given opportunity, but one of my children is autistic and is diet isn't filled with variety with him being a fussy eater.

    - Kate x

    A British Sparkle

    1. It really is a good idea...
      It must be difficult with one of yours being a fussy eater. I am so lucky my girls will give anything a try. Thank you!

  2. I would buy it just for the cute packaging alone it is adorable! I love the sound of chewy moon!

  3. These sound really different! Love the packaging too

  4. Oh they look like such nice healthy snacks. Love the sound of the cherry cola ones x

    1. They are great....
      My youngest hated the Cherry cola ones but my teen and I loved them. hehehe

  5. Oh that looks fab, I love the packaging. What a great idea to encourage healthy eating too. I love that it's letterbox friendly too!

    1. Thank you! The packaging is fantastic isn't it....

  6. What a fab idea for a subscription box, I'm always struggling to come up with healthy snack ideas!

  7. Not heard of this subscription box before but loving the idea of healthy snacks.

  8. These sound great. I love how unique the packaging is, it looks brilliant. I also love the idea of the subscription box. x

  9. This is the first I have heard of ChewyMoon. Healthy snacks by post for kids are really cool. It will save me the headache of looking for healthy snacks. I will definitely be giving it a goal.

  10. Great idea and a great way to make healthy snacks fun! Never heard of these, although I did think they were for pets at first glance, Haha. I need to sleep! Will tell my sister about these, too! x

    Kat | Kitty & B

  11. Great to see a new idea out there and a bonus that they sound healthy too #TriedTested

  12. I like the idea of these, a great solution to getting healthy snacks for after school

  13. That looks brilliant, it's so hard to find healthier snacks that kids will actually eat. What fantastic designs on the packaging too ! #TriedTested

  14. It sounds great that they can actually be posted through the door. #TriedTested

  15. They look like delicious snacks!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x