Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Worst Fictional Places To Live..

Stu and I were talking quite a few weeks ago when we were watching Neighbours and the hotel explosion....He said why would you ever want to live there. A disaster happens ever week. Not quite but he's not far off....It got us chatting about where we would never want to live....There are certain places that you would think people would have moved out long ago in droves.....

Hollyoaks Village...

There is a murderer on every corner....In nearly ever family! Off the top of my head I can think of Nico, Cindy, Mercedes, Lindsay, Silas, Cameron, Freddie Roscoe and surely Trevor must have murdered someone in one way or another but I can't think who? Maxine & Darren hid Patrick's body in the wall and there is probably more.....Given that and the fact there is some sort of disaster every few months....Car crashes, fires, explosions and shootings. Why would you live there?

Sunnydale from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

The chances that you will be bitten by a vampire are astronomically high....On the upside being a vampire may be cool (remember Angle & Spike) but before long you are bound to run into the resident slayer and you will then be dust.....

The town records are filled with reports of people who just disappear and one of the most successful businesses in town is the town's magic shop which is only asking for trouble...If you have to go to Sunnydale don’t go out at night, or trust the mayor, or buy a costume, or go to the zoo, a talent show, museums, shops, cemeteries, clubs, or frat parties....

Albert Square - Eastenders...

Everyone is related in one way or another....For some strange reason you can't leave....You have to drink in a pub that has seen more trouble than any other in the world! You have only one choice of cafe and it appears to be the only part of London left where a coffee chain has not opened......You have to do all your shopping at the Minute Mart or the market and the chances are you are bound to make an enemy and be murdered before you get old.....

Springfield - The Simpsons...

In Springfield there has been a multitude of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, blizzards, earthquakes, acid rain, flooding, lightning, and meteor strikes.......The lake is so polluted that it is not uncommon to see fish with three eyes....Eek! A lot of this pollution happens because of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and the effects of living there seem to have turned the majority of the population into a deathly yellow and it has hired the town idiot to be the safety inspector. 

Westeros - Game Of Thrones...

I am still undecided to whether I like Game of Thrones. I tried to watch it from the beginning a couple of times and just can't get into it but I have been watching the new series and I am liking it....I wouldn't want to live there though.

There’s a pretty good chance of ending up dead, raped, tortured, or mutilated....People are scary and the dogs are just terrifying....I've yet to see the white walkers but I don't like the sound of them one bit....Every week there are deaths and from what I see there is some witchcraft going on....

Where do you think is the worst fictional place to live?


  1. haha, I love this, I wouldn't like to live in any of those places except Sunnydale, I don't care about the vampires or demons, so long as I was 'very good friends' with Angel ;) For mine I'd choose the Alpine village where The Returned is set, fancy not knowing if your next door neighbour was actually a living person who someone who had returned from the dead!

    1. hehehe! I would like to be friends with Angel too!

  2. Mine is Death in Paradise Cos the word Death scares me haha

  3. Haha!! Brilliant.
    I'd hate to live in Albert Square. Always someone being killed or cheated on there. And the pub doesn't serve cocktails ;-)

    1. Eesh! I never thought of that....Fancy a pub not serving cocktails. lol

  4. Lol these are all very dangerous places to live - I wouldn't want to live in any of them. Even if you did survive the experience of living in Albert Square, you'd never make it out without something incredibly traumatic happening to you!

  5. Yep Albert Square has to be right up there for me

  6. Haha this is great, I totally get what you mean - though I think Sunnydale might be exciting - if you had some vampire fighting skills haha. It would be nice if there was a month where nothing bad could happen in any of the soaps - you know just for a change hehe

  7. For me it would have to be Midsomer from Midsomer Murders, I am amazed anyone still lives there!