Saturday, 19 March 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 11

This last week has had it's up's and down's....We had a few lovely days of sunshine, Ellie stopped eating properly and then started again. I am so glad it's the weekend.

72/366 12th March.
As I was recovering from the flu on Mothers Day I never got to have my bottle of Asti so I had it on Saturday evening.

73/366 13th March.
I had washing on the line....It was such a lovely day on Sunday.

74/366 14th March.
Making tea. 

75/366 15th March.
I have discovered Snapchat. I don't really use it. I just like to play with the special effects....I like this look on me. It hides my double chin. lol

76/366 16th March.
We went into school and had a chat about Ellie not eating. They are keeping a food diary for her at school so I know what she's eating.

77/366 17th March.
I made Ellie a packed lunch tea. She ate most of it. Phew!

78/366 18th March.
Straight in from school and on to Minecraft for Becky.


  1. Oh dear! Hope Ellie will get better soon and eat her food!

    1. Thank you! She seems to be over it now. Such a relief x

  2. Washing on the line is a happy sight! It must have been a worry Ellie not eating. I haven't tried Snapchat - I fear it could become another addiction!

    1. Thank you! Having washing on the line makes me feel so good....
      She is eating so well now...It is such a relief.

  3. Yeah I an not wait to stop using the dryer it is costing a fortune :) Love the snapchat picture, I have it bt never really looked at the features. *runs off to have a go* :)

    1. I have managed not to use the dryer all winter...It's on the waiting list to be fixed.
      Thank you!

  4. Sometimes, packed lunch teas are magic. Glad you're feeling back to normal again and the pesky germs have gone away. It's been horrid up here too. I hope they don't come back!

    1. Thank you! The packed lunch really was magic. It did the trick.