Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Koalapak Review...

Just before Christmas I won a Koalapak from Coming from Carson's Mummy....We just got around to having a proper look at it yesterday....

Koalapak provides parents with a convenient way to inspire their children to discover and learn new things every month as well as spend quality time together by delivering a pack full of fun, educational, hands-on projects straight to their home...

Koala packs are designed with children ages 3-8 in mind...

Each pack includes an exciting new theme, with 1 to 4 activities plus all the materials required to complete the projects. All the activities are linked to the EYFS framework and the KS1 & 2 National Curriculum....

Our box was themed around birds and had four activities....A mask to make, little birds to decorate, a bird feeder to make and a bird house to decorate....There were instructions included which Ellie had no problem understanding.....They weren't joking when they said all the materials were included to make everything. There was even a glue spatula (I think that's what they're called....Little pots of paint, glue and even bird seed.....I was very impressed. I have had craft kits in the past where they say everything is included but you still have to find extra things yourself....

We had fun colouring in polystyrene birds....We used felt tip pens....There were some provided but Ellie wanted more colours so we used out own....

Ellie made a bird mask....The only help she needed was to put the elastic on....Since yesterday she has worn this a lot....lol She really loves it!

We made a lolly stick bird feeder.....Ellie needed a bit of help with this from me....Just holding the lolly sticks in place while the glue stuck....I think if she had a bit more patience she would have quite easily managed it herself....As I write this Ellie is sat in her bedroom with her bird mask on looking out of the window waiting for the birds to notice it....hehehe

Lastly we decorated a cute little bird house.....There was paint provided which Ellie did use for the front, back and sides but she was desperate to use the glitter paint we have had in the craft box....I let her go wild with it....hehehe

We spent a good couple of hours completing everything in the Koalapak....It would be something I would pay for in the future. It's educational, fun and everything you need is included.

The Koalapak boxes come in different sizes and the price of them is very reasonable....A Mini with one activity- £3.95, Mini plus with two activities - £8.95, Jumbo with three activities - £13.95 and the Mega with four activities - £16,95....

It was a perfect activity to cure the boredom of the school holidays....I know it was only the first day. Heaven help me for the rest of the week.....lol

I was not asked to write this review.....I just thought it would be nice to share what we have been up to.


  1. This looks great, and congrats on your win! I think this is the perfect thing for the holidays and I will be looking in to things like these when Boo is older! I love the mask!

  2. Wow this looks good. Fab that it comes with absolutely everything including glue and spatula. Always annoys me when a kit doesn't contain everything you need.


  3. I love the themed box linked to the curriculum. Great prices too, and the bird box and mask is fun!

  4. Oh I haven't seen these ones before, they look fab #triedtested

  5. Wow, they look great. Packed full of things to do

  6. What a fab activity box and sounds like Ellie had a lot of fun with it. I love her bird mask and the bird house. Hope the birds are enjoying their feeder too! :-)

  7. Wow that looks like lots of fun, I hope you had a great half term x

  8. What a fab box, great for weekends and holidays. Not a bad price either. I love all of your makes :) x #TriedTested