Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Laser Pegs 12 in 1 Indy Car Construction Set - Review!!

We were sent the Laser Pegs 12 in 1 Indy Car Construction Set to try out...We do love a bit of building...

The award winning Laser Pegs is the first unique toy construction set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current. You can design any lighted abstract model. Laser Pegs can be used lit up or turned off. Laser Pegs pieces are compatible with other major building block sets, so you can add colourful light to your favourite toys for endless creative possibilities! The Racing Car Kit makes 12 Different models, and more! Includes 20 LED illuminated Laser Pegs, 84 Construction parts, Power base, and Power lead. 

We got off to a great start but the positivity didn't last....My girls usually really love building things like this but lost interest quite quickly which is such a shame....

The parts were hard to fit together as they were quite stiff and some parts took a bit of forcing to join together...

The instructions were quite hard to understand....Even I struggled a little....They were in black and white and kept switching the colours they were using which made it hard to work out if we should be using different parts....

We (mostly me) worked through it and then when I had nearly finished the girls showed more interest....

The end result was brilliant....The flashing lights looked so cool.....


I think this is really limited for play.....I was slightly disappointed when I realised the car cannot be played with or pushed. The wheels don't turn and the battery pack is quite big....For older kids using it as a light siting on a bedroom shelf it would be brilliant....

The kit came with the instructions for the Indy car but there are 11 other things which can be created using this kit....The manuals are available to download via the Laser Pegs website....

This is available to buy for £32.45 from Amazon.


We were sent this Laser Pegs kit free of charge for our review.....All thoughts and opinions are our own....


  1. I really like the concept but what a shame that you can't actually really play with it! I think as you say good for a shelf in a room rather than to be used a toy.


  2. It's like Lego on steroids! It looks fantastic, but it's a shame that it can't even be pushed! Still looks like it could kill a few hours if you can hold the little ones' attention long enough!

  3. My little girl got some light up lego style things for Christmas. I've never been very good at building that sort of thing, I get too easily frustrated with the fiddly bits. It was a different brand, but we also found they were not as easy to click together as proper lego.
    It's a shame it couldn't be played with properly once it was made, it could have been thought through better. It does look pretty awesome though x

  4. What a shame it can't be played with but it would make a pretty cool night light!

  5. These are so cool! It is a shame it can't be pushed though! I think Cameron would love this. I would have to build it for him though as he would get frustrated.

    Laura x x x