Thursday, 24 September 2015

An afternoon for us at Brewers Fayre....

Every week I enter the giveaway on the Brewers Fayre Twitter page where they give away a £30 voucher.....Well I only went and won a little while ago.....Hooray!

Stu and I decided after I had a pretty rotten week last week we needed a treat and a meal out at Brewers Fayre was just the treat we needed.....Yes we could have gone with the kids....They love Brewers Fayre. It has the soft play but we decided to do something just for us....

We don't go out often just the two of us....I think the last time we did was probably last year and the time before that the year before....We obviously go shopping and to appointments....All the day to day things but nothing just for us...

Yes I felt the dreaded mummy guilt.....Thinking we could have gone as a family but the girls get a lot of treats....This one was just for us.....We visited the Woodhorn Grange, Brewers Fayre in Ashington....

I had the same as I do every time I have a pub Prawn cocktail for my starters and Scampi, chips and peas for my main.....Stu had Chicken goujons and dips for his starters and a mixed grill for his main course.....I'm ashamed to say we didn't have room for dessert...The portions were such a great size....

 It's a shame but we have decided we won't be visiting again on a Friday lunchtime.....The service wasn't what we have come to expect from Brewers Fayre....We go at least a few times a year and there was little things that were just not right which didn't make it a terrible experience but we have had better meals in our local Brewers Fayre....

I was given a dirty glass for my drink....There was something brown stuck to the inside....Eww! The prawn cocktail was lovely until I got the lettuce...It was the really thick bit you get from the bottom of a lettuce....Not exactly the leaves....The Chilli powder or whatever is sprinkled on the prawn cocktail it's self does not taste nice when also sprinkled on the bread....There was a mix up with the meal they decided to bring gammon and chips out to us too which we didn't order. (It was removed from the bill and we sent it back)....There was no staff to ask for tomato ketchup....We waited about 10 minutes and saw no one....Stu ended up going to the bar to ask for some.....It wasn't the waiting staff's fault....It was absolutely packed and there was only three staff serving the food and attending to people....It is a big place and as it was busy it just came across as understaffed.....

We still had a lovely time....It was nice to have a proper chat without being interrupted but the girls and we got to relax a bit....The biggest bonus was that the whole meal only cost us £2.56.....hehehe

Do go and visit the Brewers Fayre Twitter page. Most Fridays they ask a simple pub quiz question....It is just a case of answering it....You could be the next winner..... 

I wasn't asked to write this.....I just thought I would....I won the voucher fair and square in a giveaway!


  1. Awwww it makes a lovely change to go out as a couple without the kids fighting / arguing / nagging you! I hate bad service, drives me insane but it's understandable if it was under staffed but still not good grrrr! I've recently sent glasses back in a restaurant cos it was filthy, it takes two seconds for staff to check and stops the customer getting negative feelings towards the place.

    Congratulations on your win though lovely! :)

    Gemma xxx

  2. It sounds like, despite some hiccups, you had a lovely meal. You should try and go out together more, the Hubby and I try to do it when we can. It's not as often as we'd like but it does wonders for us. :)

    Congratulations on winning! xx

  3. aww shame about the service, we recently went on a really quiet evening and I guess that just makes a difference.

  4. What a treat for you to win. I actually went Brewers Fayre last Friday and it was amazing. I went for a salmon salad. The service was exceptional and fast... it was fairly quiet to be fair :) xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. well done on winning the voucher, don't feel guilty about going out without the girl's! We are the same mind we only get about one meal out a year without the children. When I was younger I use to get the exact same meal you get whenever I went out , I have not had prawn cocktail or scampi for years! Such a shame that the service was not so great, I probably would not go back either as bad service always puts me off too. xx

  6. Oh no, reminds me of a drink I had out the other day!!

    Looks like a lovely meal though, I have not had prawn cocktail in ages, yummy!