Monday, 3 August 2015

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

We ate most things on last weeks meal plan....There may have been a sneaky Domino's slotted in there....Some days I just feel like junk food....I didn't fancy what I fed the kids so waited until Stu got in from work and ordered pizza....He was on a late shift so didn't need much convincing....hehehe The kids were not happy about this at all....They felt slightly ripped off.....Of course I let them have a slice....

I was watching TV yesterday and saw an advert for a StufZ: Stuffed Burger Press thingy....It said they are available in Wilko's so I will be having a look for one when I'm in town during the week.....The thought of stuffing burgers really appeals to me and I didn't even know you could get a gadget to do it.....Yes you can do it by hand but they never seem to work out properly for me....This looks so good! If I manage to get one imagine the creations I can come up

We don't have much planned for this week....A trip into town shopping and that's about it.....Hopefully the weather is a bit warmer....Looking out of the window now (last night) I can't see it being nice.....Rain, rain go away! I am planning on having a baking day which will please the kids.....

This week on the menu we have:

Chicken curry and rice....
A little party tea....Sausage rolls, sandwiches and cakes we baked....
Sweet Chilli Turkey Balls & noodles of some sort....
Chicken casserole, mash & veg....
A fry up....Sausages, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans & toast....
Corned beef pie and chips....

As always I've joined in with the wonderful Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky....


  1. Haa! Evil mum, having pizza without your girls having any :D Oh I can't let Tom see that StufZ, I haven't anymore room for another gadget in the kitchen. We're both pretty bad for buying kitchen gadgetry! Though my waffle cone maker and waffle maker from Aldi were right bargains and I have used them a few times now, we even made potato waffles!
    The Sweet Chilli Turkey balls sound like what we had last week, they were well good! I mixed vegetable noodles in with my normal noodles, I just use a julienne peeler as I'm too tight to buy a I have no room for one.
    Corned beef pie...mmm...I love proper pie like that!
    Well enjoy your week, no matter what the weather! ;) x

  2. Yummy, this all sounds good especially the turkey balls. I really want a burger press, will have to check that one out in Wilkos. HAve a fab week x

  3. I love that you had pizza without the kids, I do that sometimes too, but you're far too honest and let them have some, I don't :-o

  4. I've just ordered one of those burger presses too :-)

  5. I love reading these posts, I use your Meal Plan as inspiration for our dinners, although I'm never organised enough to do a proper plan. You will have to let us know how the burger presses are - I have ben thinking of getting some as Graham makes burgers a lot!

  6. Great menu, I think i'll be round for dinner a few nights haha. You've got all my favourite meals here.

  7. I saw that burger press on a TV ad, I love the idea of them so will be interested to read a review should you buy one.