Saturday, 29 August 2015

My baby is eight!

Today is my baby girl's 8th Birthday! How an earth did that happen....It's a cliche but it doesn't seem that long since she was born.....

This post is quite photo heavy but it's my girls birthday and I don't care I wanted to share her through the years of her life...

 Ellie was a lovely baby and toddler.....I know all babies are lovely but she was a pleasure to parent.....She did have her troubles. If I had a pound for every hospital appointment we had with her I would be rich.....If it wasn't her ears it was her heart or her dodgy eye.....She has her imperfections but to me she is perfect! She wouldn't be the Ellie I know and love without her problems....

Just after her third birthday Ellie started nursery.....She wasn't ready & struggled with the toilet and being tired....She was often found asleep in the reading area but I thought it might be good for her and I was right.....Yeah she may have been a year younger than some children in her class....She still is now but she never let it put her off anything....She does her best to keep up and tries her hardest that's all I can ask of her! 

I can't express how funny Ellie is....She is so cheeky and has an answer for everything....She has everyone wrapped around her little fingers especially her dad.....She can be naughty....So very naughty but there are times when I try to tell her off and can't for laughing because the things she has done are so ridiculous! i.e Using all of my make up!

She has had her day planned for months....We are going to throw in an extra surprise for her....hehehe I can't wait to see her face!

Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful, crazy, kind, funny girl! 


  1. Happy 8th birthday lovely little girly xx

  2. Beautiful photos Kim, Ellie's cheeky, happy personality shines through them all. Happy birthday Ellie, hope you have a wonderful day x

    1. Thank You! She's a real cheeky monkey :)

  3. What a beautiful post, and I love the way you have put together all the photos, I hope she has a really wonderful birthday x

  4. Aw lovely photos and some great memories there.
    Happy birthday Ellie, have a great day x

  5. Happy Birthday Ellie - I hope you have a magical day x

  6. Aw so cute, happy birthday to her x

  7. Aw cute, happy birthday to her xx

  8. What a lovely display of pictures. Happy Birthday to Ellie.

  9. Beautiful post showing how well she has grown. Hope she had a lovely birthday! X

  10. Awwww such a lovely post and so many gorgeous photos - it's so wonderful to see how she has changed with each year! I hope this year is even more exciting!