Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Encona Marinades - Review!!

Encona are famous for their Hot Pepper and Sweet Chilli sauces but did you know they have recently released a new range of authentic marinades....

Each marinade has been inspired by its origin, combining authentic ingredients to create three mouth-watering marinades that will make you feel like you are sunning in the Caribbean, riding a camel in North Africa or wandering through Gwangjang market.

Encona Jamaican Jerk Marinade

An authentic mild jerk seasoning, blended with tomatoes and spices for a distinctive jerk flavour without the heat! Perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Encona Korean BBQ Marinade

An authentic Korean barbecue marinade made with a blend of gochujang spices to create this sweet and spicy marinade.

Encona Moroccan Harissa Marinade

A spicy and fragrant Moroccan inspired paste made with a blend of chilli puree, herd and spices, to create a perfect aromatic North African style marinade.

 We were planning to have a BBQ on Saturday but it as a little too windy (stupid British weather) We decided to make a stir fry with the Korean BBQ Marinade....

I used 6 tablespoons full of the marinade, mixed it with the chicken and left it in the fridge for about 5 hours.....It smelt so good. 

By the way it is not advised to dip your finger in the jar and have a taste if you are a wimp when it comes to spicy food.....I learned a lesson there. It nearly blew my head off.....lol

When tea time came around I cooked the chicken, mixed it with peppers, onions, mushrooms, beansprouts and noodles....Dished it up and Stu, my girls and I tucked in...

We thoroughly enjoyed it....There was a little bit of spiciness and heat there. It was enough to taste but not too much that it put the kids off.....

I would have never have thought of buying these marinades but I can see them being added to my shopping list in the future.....

On the Encona website I found a recipe for Moroccan Lamb Skewers which I will be making sometime later in the week.

Encona marinades and sauces can be bought from most supermarkets.....I saw them in Tesco for £1.99. I probably only used a third of the jar so they seem great value for money.


I was sent the Encona Marinades free of charge in exchange for my honest review.....All thought and opinions are of course my own.


  1. I fancy trying the Jamaican Jerk it sounds rather tasty. Your dish looks rather tempting x

  2. They do seem to be good value for money and the food you've made looks delicious!

  3. Oh these sound so nice, I love BBQ. Might have to give these a go!

  4. Oh my, these look great! I can guarantee Steve would love these!

  5. They do look good. We could sure use some new flavours for our summer BBQs :-)

  6. These look fab, my other half loves spicy food. Great value as well

    1. Yes, I thought the price was great....

  7. The Jamaican Jerk and Harissa sound right up my street. Spice. Yumm!

  8. Ooh that dinner does look very yummy. Love the sound of the Jamaican Jerk marinade - might have to give this a try :-)

  9. This sounds and looks good. Think it will go down well in my house too :)

  10. Whoo these sound yummy, love tasty sauces with my chicken :)

  11. I like stirfrys and these look like a good alternative to ready made packet sauces.

  12. Can you still buy these? Not happy Tesco no longer sell them