Thursday, 30 April 2015

Becky's Summer Clothing Wishlist....

Becky loves to do a bit of virtual shopping.....She will go online and find clothes shops and add things to the basket....Most of the time it's toys and electrical things which we won't be buying......

Recently she has been shopping for summer clothes.....Here are some of her items she has added to lists. I think she has chosen well....I wouldn't mind quite a few of the things she's picked.....


  1. I really need to get sorted and update the kids' summer wardrobe - the warm weather is sneaking up on us! I love all of Becky's choices, esp the bird jumpsuit xx

    1. I actually got a very similar jumpsuit yesterday in Primark for her for half the price....hehehe

  2. Gorgeous picks there, they always have fab kids' clothes x