Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine Printables from Wayfair!

Valentines day isn't just for couples....It can be to celebrate all kinds of love....The romantic love with our sweethearts as well as the love we share with our families and friends....

Wayfair are offering free Valentine printables and these are some of my favourites....

I will be printing out the gift tags.....They're so pretty. 

Ellie has said quite a few times over the last few weeks she wants to make her own cards ( I have no idea who she's planning to send them too though....hehehe) so I think the printable cards will be ideal for her to colour in....They are very cute!!

I am planning to bake some cupcakes for Stu and the The only thing better than a cupcake on Valentine's Day is a cupcake with a flag on top! There is several cupcake flags to choose from or if you've got a litttle more the say, spell out your own personalized message with our homemade bunting Such a sweet idea....

 There is lots more ideas over on Wayfair's website
including more labels for food and drink plus little date night cards that you can cut out and plan a year of romantic rendezvous together....

Have you any plans for Valentines day?


  1. These look awesome! Love a nice bit of stationery :)

  2. Ahh they are so cute, I am having dinner cooked for me in the evening. I might check out those printables though!

  3. Yikes! These are fab! Checking those printables now! :)