Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bird House Wind Chimes....

I was doing my weekly grocery shop the other week when I saw these...The Go Create Bird House Wind Chime kit.....I thought they would be ideal for something to do over the half term......

 They were only a couple of pounds each and I got lucky.....I have just went back to share the link and they are not available anymore :(

Here is the fun my girls had with them.....


For something so simple it created a lot of fun....It gave the girls something different to do and they are very impressed with their creations.....

Ellie is convinced that if we put them out in the garden little birds will come and live in them.....hehehe


  1. They look fun! Love Ellie's tongue sticking out in concentration as she paints! x

  2. Oh I love that idea, looks like lots of fun was had.

  3. What a lovely activity! Great efforts with the painting too! :) x

  4. Oh these are fabulous and such gorgeous colours too!! x