Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lemonade and Haribo bear Lollies....

In this weather Ice lollies are a must! If given the chance my girls would eat four or five a day.....

I was in Poundland and saw some Lolly Ice Moulds.....I just had to have it....If nothing else it would kill 10 minutes and give the girls something to do.....

We decided to make Lemonade and Haribo bear lollies....

It was simply a case of adding the bears.....Filling the mold's up with lemonade and putting it all in the freezer then trying to keep Ellie away from the freezer to give them chance to freeze.....Not an easy task!!

I checked on them at teatime and they still hadn't frozen....They took about 6 hours to fully freeze....

I think they look quite funky and they do taste so good.....The kids of course love them....They licked, sucked and bit till they got all the bears out....I must remember to fill them fuller next time though!!

A fantastic item for only a pound.....We've now got our thinking caps on planning what else we can make lollies out of.....So much cheaper and more fun then buying pre-made lollies....


  1. Nice!
    Ice lollies is a big hit in this house, and I will def. have a look at Poundland for these! haha
    I wonder if there are moulds that are "fast freezing"? hehe
    We have resulted to baby-proofing the entire kitchen because my all most 4 year old is a nightmare to keep out of the cub boards!
    Really lovely read!


  2. Sounds good, especially with the Haribo - I could do with one of those now! We filled some of the moulds up recently with yoghurt - the dog loved them in the hot weather :)

  3. Oh these look brilliant Kim!! And what a great idea for a place to get Lolly moulds - I hadn't thought of that. We need to try these. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  4. Oooh these look lovely! Love making our own lollies :) x