Saturday, 28 June 2014

Nasty Nits....

 Get that nit comb through those strands,
This lice lotion best of brands,
Catch those blighters between the prongs,
Not short hair, but two foot long.

Look they're dying, I think we're winning,
Eyes all bloodshot, red and stinging.
Don't be silly, don't start to whine,
Mummy's got to be cruel to be kind.

Crisis over! What do you think?
Still got to get rid of that terrible stink.
Back to school, back to civilization.
Ready to pick up another infestation!

Yep that sums up what we've been through this


  1. Long hair and nits is a nightmare, have you tried a couple if drops of pure tea tree oil in regular shampoo as it is a really good deterrent

    1. Yes I have been doing that since I found them :)

  2. Oh poor you:-( so far *touch wood* we haven't had them yet but I know its only a matter of time!
    Funny poem xx

    1. It's only the 2nd time my girls have had them.....My eldest is 11 so its not bad going.

  3. Poor you, I know the problems they can cause, not only from a personal, but a professional side. Contrary to popular belief they like clean hair, not dirty, try to check as often as possible, using conditioner.
    Also make sure you boil all bed linen,towels, toys, combs, brushes, hair bands ( I usually just throw them away & keep a spare stash).
    They can live for up to 7 days off a head so make sure you clean everything :-(

    1. I've had a good clear out of everything.....It's a nightmare!