Friday, 30 May 2014

Where do they put it all?....

This week my word of the week has to be....

When the kids are at school they have breakfast at home usually cereal or toast, a school dinner and then maybe a snack when they get home depending on when I'm cooking tea and then their tea....I spend about £60/£70 on food a week....

When they're off school the food bill goes up to about £100!!

My girls motto for the week has been.....

For example Monday went like this and carried on for the rest of the

  • 8am - Ellie raided the fridge and ate 3/4 of a trifle.....A family size one! I was not amused!!
  • 9.30am - Cereal for Becky and Ellie....
  • 10.00am - An apple each...
  • 10.30am - Belvita biscuits....
  • 11.30am - A packet of crisps...
  • 12.08pm - The kids decided it was lunchtime as they were starving!!!! What? How?
  • 12.20pm - Cheese and pickle sandwiches and a chocolate cupcake...
  • 1.30pm - Crabsticks...
  • 2.35pm - A banana each....
  • 3.45pm - Ice lollies
  • 4.20pm - They started asking for tea...
  • 5.00pm - I gave in and made tea....
  • 5.30pm - Beef Steak Stir Fry....
  • 6.20pm - A yoghurt...
  • 7.00pm - Fudge bars...
  • 8.00pm - Hot chocolate and a couple of biscuits each...
I'd like to know where they put it all!!
Please tell me it's not just my two who eat so much during the school


  1. It's not just ur two my oldest is the same sometimes she eats nonstop I spend a fortune topping the shopping up because of her xx

  2. Children are always hungry, I just don't understand how you could ever get away with £60/per week. Mine are not in school yet, but one is a baby. Must be nappies!

  3. My children never stop raiding the cupboard when they're on school holidays, I think its mostly out of boredom as I do exactly the same thing when its my day off work :/

  4. 2 energetic boys who often eat more than me live here! And I reckon it's only going to get worse! I had hoped as they have a large school lunch they'd only want a snacky type evening meal. Wrong!!

  5. Your not alone kim!, My Little Man eats us out of house and home! and hes only just turned 4 lol!.
    Have a great weekend :) xx

  6. My oldest can now eat more than me in a meal... And he's not quite 8... I can't begin to imagine what it's going to be like when he's a teenager! #WotW

  7. Oh my goodness! That's impressive! Mine have definitely been eating more over the holidays (Coco Pops and Belvitas being their favourite nibbles), but they haven't managed as much as that.

  8. My two haven't started school yet, so this is a normal day for me! My kids eat a lot! They burn it all off in running about, though, so it's clearly needed ;-) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  9. That's an impressive amount of food for two little girls! Where do they put it all? #wotw

  10. Woah! I have to say thought that my 4 year old has started saying he's hungry right after a meal and then again, and again! I think he must be going through a growth spurt, but to be honest he doesn't eat lots or well throughout the day till the early evening so maybe that's it...#WotW

  11. Wow! My food supply is currently okay cuz son is sick but I can only imagine how its going to be tomorrow as he is feeling better now. Tomorrow is when he will eat the food that he missed in the last days. Amazing how kids eats a lot & not gain anything too! Awww those amazing metabolism =P #wotw

  12. Oh my gosh we are exactly the same. I never knew what 'they eat me out of house and home' meant till I had kids!

  13. We have days like that. H seems to front load in the morning, so breakfast is often a monster meal (and a meal of several sittings).

  14. I'm impressed! My two-year-old son has an appetite on him too - he isn't a boy, he's a remorseless eating machine!

  15. This made me laugh! We're on summer break here and it seems like I'm going to the grocery store at least twice as often. All the good food keeps disappearing and the kids moan that there's nothing to eat!