Wednesday, 21 May 2014

One Direction clothing....

This time next week Becky and I are off to see One Direction in concert....Pass me the ear plugs please....hehehe 

I was in Asda the other day doing some shopping and saw the One Direction range of clothes they have....

I couldn't buy them at the time because Becky didn't know we're going to the concert and I didn't want her questioning why I was buying them....I have since ordered them off the George website for her though....

1D Print Leggings - £6
1D Photo T-Shirt - £8

I even managed to get myself a t-shirt so I look the part...Don't hate me for It was only £7.

They have a great range of One Direction clothes at Asda.....All reasonably priced too....

At the weekend I couldn't wait any longer I had to tell her we are going to see One Direction.....When I first told her she didn't believe me.....It was only on Monday after speaking to my friend I think she finally believed me! I am of course the best mam ever!!


  1. Aww bless, I bet you will both have a fab time and the clothes just complete the experience ;-)

  2. I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to enjoy buying One Direction clothing… lol! Hope you have a fab time thigh :))) x

  3. She is going to be one excited girl!! x