Saturday, 19 October 2013

Advent Calendars for Girls....

No denying it Christmas is coming.....Time to start thinking about preparing for December....The first thing on my mind every year obviously after starting the present shopping is Advent Calendars....

Every year my girls get one or if they're lucky two each.....Both Becky and Ellie get so excited in the run up to Christmas and Advent Calendars play a big part of it....

When I was a little girl (a long time ago) all I got was chocolate in the calendars....Now you can get a lot more as well as the one's with chocolate in!

Here are some of the best I've seen this year...

Barbie Advent Calendar - £22.00 - Littlewoods
Playmobil Princess wedding advent calendar - £16.99 - House of Fraser 
Monster High Advent Calendar - £11.99 - Smyths Toys

Christmas House Advent Calendar - £22.00 - Not On The High Street 
The Snowman and The Snowdog Advent Calendar - £4.99 - Thorntons
Moo Free advent calendar - £4.99 - Waitrose
 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar - £19.99 - Argos

Don't forget shops like Poundland they also stock a lot of Advent Calendars all for £1 each!!

Do you get your children Advent Calendars?
What will be on them this year?


  1. even i get an advent calender :) this year we have got a moster high, a one direction, a disney princess and a minnie, I have yet to decide on the one I want :) x

  2. Very cute but I have to get one for boys haha, xoxo.

  3. Goodness, I can't imagine getting anything more than a basic chocolate one! I worry that if the gifts in the advent calender are too good the stocking presents will be a let down. Although, on the other hand I've always wanted - but never managed - to follow the 12 days of Christmas with a presents every day from Christmas Day, just to extend the celebration!

  4. Funnily enough that Playmobil princess one came up in my Amazon recommendations today. I'm amazed by some of the calendars you can get now, like you say they've evolved since 'our day'. God, I sound like my mother! x

  5. Whoop getting excited for Christmas, my kids love buying advent calenders :-)