Friday, 25 October 2013

10 Day You Challenge! - Six Places...

Carrying this on from the previous weeks Ten Secrets - Nine Loves - Eight Fears & Seven Wants

Six places.... 

1. My home! - Ashington!....As much as I moan about the fact that there is no decent shops....If you want a bank, phone shop or charity shop you're fine but for anything else it's I do love Ashington though!!......Where we live it's an ok area and my house I love....It is perfect for us....

2. Amble! - A small seaside town here in Northumberland.....We love days out here and always have an amazing time....Plus it's the only place which sell 'beanies & chips' Sausage meat covered in batter with baked beans in the center.....

3. Stockton on Tees my hometown....A town in the North East....Near Middlesbrough where I grew up and spent most of my childhood and teenage years....Ahh the memories!!

4. Newcastle!.....An amazing city! We don't go often enough as it's an hour on the bus and I hate getting the bus but it has everything you could want or need and more.....Fab for shopping, nights out and days out with the kids too...

5. My bed!....I love it! Even though the mattress is lumpy....I knew I should of bought the memory foam one when I had the chance!!....I never spend enough time in bed....It always seems like I have to drag myself out each morning...

6. Disneyland!.....I will get there one day!!


  1. A fun read! The only one I have visited is Disney - worth getting to :-)

  2. I'm now really wanting fish and chips.
    Great post

  3. I have not been to any of those, but would love to go to disney!

  4. The only beanie I'd heard of before today was the one I wear on my head and the teddies a friend's daughter used to collect. Those ones from the chippy sound horrid to me as a baked bean hater though I'm sure a lot of people love them! Sounds like you have some happy memories with more to make :)

  5. Loving these updates from you Kim. It's so sweet how affectionately you talk of your home town and surrounding areas x

  6. I never get enough time in bed either :)