Friday, 16 August 2013

Step by Step Dora Tip Exchange....

When you have children, every day is full of adventures. Sometimes the new things can be difficult and we need a helping hand.....

Nick Jr. has created a new initiative called Step-by-Step which aims to assist parents explain key developmental milestones and reward children when they achieve them, with a range of Dora the Explorer tools....

From learning to brush their teeth, to riding a bike for the first time to even attending their first birthday party Nick Jr. and Dora are on hand to help children and their parents on their way. However as no child is the same, Nick Jr. are asking parents to share their own top tips with the Dora Step-by-Step Top Tip Swap.

Every month a new topic will be addressed online with handy information, videos and downloadable tools with child development expert Jacqueline Harding offering practical tips and advice. 
I think we're going to try the Bedtime step-by-step routine  with Ellie....She's never been the best for going to bed....This might help her along a bit....She loves Dora the Explorer so it might be worth a try!!

On Facebook parents will be able to swap their own tips for the chance to win a Dora Step-by-Step pack consisting of a Dora-the-Explorer My Talking Backpack and a School Day Dora doll....

 For writing this post I was sent a free Dora The Explorer gift...


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