Monday, 28 January 2013

Not a good start to the week!! Twitter!!

Definately not having a good start to the week...

My Twitter account @kimmer2111 has been suspended!!
I'm not 100% sure why.....I'm guessing it's because I use it to mainly use it to enter competitions....I do put random tweets up about what I'm doing etc but as most of my friends use Facebook I tend to chat more on there....

I feel like crying!! 

So what do I do now?
Do I make another or hold on and see what happens....I have appealed to twitter to get it back.

What I'm more annoyed about is the fact all the competitions I've entered are not valid entries now.....Grrr!!

Why? Twitter!! Why? Especially at this time of the month just when a lot of the comps are ending!!


  1. Kim, I know you read my Onions and Paper blog, because you commented today. Do you read my Grapevine one too? I have loads of advice for Twitter compers on there - there's a link on the top right to an index of them. When you get your account reactivated, have a look at it, there are several articles about how to make your Twitter account safe from jail and suspension. And you can always keep it from being all retweets and comp tweets by chatting to me @janesgrapevine. Right, I came here to read your Monday meal plan so I'm off to look at it now.

    1. Ohh I have stumbled across your Grapevine site before I think...But I'm there now reading the Twitter info now!! It's great!! Very informative!! Thank you!! Yes I will add you on Twitter if I ever get it Thanks again :)