Thursday, 21 March 2019

Things I have always wanted in my home.

We rent so we are limited to what we can do in our home. We can't really add things that take a lot of work and to be honest we don't want to when it isn't our forever home. We live in a 3 bedroom terraced house so it isn't huge and there are a lot of things that we don't have space for and then there is also the case that we can't afford some of the luxury items that we want. There is always something more important to buy!

A dishwasher!
It is shocking how many arguments we have as a family about who's turn it is to wash the dishes. Yes there would still be arguments about who loads and unloads it but a dishwasher seems easier. hehehe There would be no dirty dishes on the worktops, it would save on water and I imagine the dishes would be a lot cleaner. We don't have room for a dishwasher in our home, we barely have room for the washing machine in our kitchen. lol 

A stable style door!

I have always wanted one of these for my back door. When I was a child and lived on a farm we had one and I have fond memories of it. It gives fresh air flowing through your home, whilst still making sure nobody could just walk in.

A utility room!
I would love one room where all the cleaning products are kept and that is home to the washing machine and the tumble dryer that I would buy! We used to have a tumble dryer but it was one of those faulty one's. We never got around to replacing it. There would be room to fold and sort all the clothes and then I can just shut the door on the piles of washing.

A proper hallway!
When you come in our front door there is a little square at the bottom of the stairs then you go through the door to the living room. I would love room to have somewhere to hang coats, bags and somewhere to store shoes.

An open fire!

I could just imagine an open fire being so warm and cosy in the winter. My dad used to have one in his old house and he spent hardly any money heating his home.

Floor to ceiling shelves!
We have the room at the sides of the fireplace to put shelving up but because we rent we don't really want to. We have a lot of wasted space which could be used to store books, DVD's, toys and things like that!

Somewhere to plant things!
As an adult I have never had a proper garden. I have always have concrete back yards so somewhere with a little grass and somewhere where I could plant things would be amazing!

A wine rack! 

I only drink a couple of bottles a week at the most but I do have other bottles which are at the moment in the cupboard under the stairs. At the moment we don't have the room to store them anywhere else but I would like to have them out on display!

What would you like in your house that you don't have now?

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Mother's Day gifts from Baylis & Harding!

I am a big fan of Baylis and Harding products and gifts and over the years I have reviewed their Christmas, Valentines day and Father's day gifts but this year I think they have outdone themselves with the gifts for Mother's day range.

I was sent a couple of products from the fun new Beauticology range to have a look at. The Super Mum Box of Treats Set and the Super Mum Trio of Candles Set.

Indulge in a little bath time fun with Beauticology from Baylis & Harding. Whether you want to escape to a tropical paradise, be transported to a magical unicorn world or to treat yourself to a frosted sprinkle donut without a calorie in sight - there is something for everyone with this fabulous collection!

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Super Mum Trio of Candles Set

Add an air of luxury with these simple yet good fragranced one wick candles. 

The scents are: Unicorn Candy, Frosted Sprinkles and Tropical Cocktail. They smell amazing! I think my favourite is the flamingo/tropical one. It smells so fruity.

This is such a cute and fun set of candles and would make a lovely gift for a mother but there is nothing on them that screams mothers day so they could be a gift for any other time of the year too.

The candle set costs £20 and I would say it is well worth it. The candles are a good size and they're so pretty.

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Super Mum Box of Treats Set.

A stunning gift box full of luxurious treats. Inside you will find an indulgent 100ml Unicorn Candy Body Wash, 50ml Tropical Cocktail Body Butter and 50ml of Frosted Sprinkles bath crystals to soak and relax with.

This is a fab set. The rosette on the front of the box is removable which is a sweet idea. I would happily wear that all of mother's day to remind my girls that they have to be nice to me. hehehe

I don't have a mother to give these too so I am keeping these for myself. hehehe If I did have a mother I would be very happy to give her these sets.

These sets can both be bought from the Baylis and Harding Amazon Store and the usual supermarkets where they sell things like this.

I was sent these gift sets free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

There is a lot that I don't share.

I blog a lot, every day and I have for over 6 years. I share a lot of mine and my families life online. I obviously share the good. The days out, the proud parenting moments and fun things we get up to and sometimes I share the bad. The times my girls are total brats, when they are in trouble and some of the rubbish days.

People seem to think that because I am sharing the good and the bad I am sharing everything but that just isn't true.

As much as I do share there is lots in my life that I don't. I seem to share more of my thoughts on here and more of every day things which are happening in my life on Twitter and Instagram but there is still so much that I keep to myself.

Recently on Twitter someone said to me that Ellie keeps me on my toes more than Becky does as far as school is concerned but to be honest I don't share much about Becky's school life. Becky does have her moments at school but I am very careful about what I share. She has had issues with bullies in the past and I don't want anything I write on here to be used against her. She only has a few months left at school and I want them to be hassle free.

 Ellie has been a little diva lately at school when it comes to doing homework. She "forgot" about some maths homework a couple of weekends ago and sat on Monday morning rushing through it, guessing for most of the answers. Her teacher obviously realised this and gave her a detention and another sheet of homework to do. She objected at the extra homework and didn't do it so she got another detention which she totally deserved. Time will tell if she gets more of the extra homework to do and whether she does it? When she says that she's done the homework and handed it in there isn't much I can do but I will make sure she goes to every detention she gets.

For every photo that I put up of my girls there is at least 20 that I don't. I ask my girls permission to take photos of them and they always approve or decline the photos. Even the one's where Ellie has been in a mood or Becky has screwed her face up has been ran past them first.

This photo below is a prime example of a moody child. lol We visited Alnwick Castle last year and Ellie was in a mood. At the time she wouldn't have agreed to let me post it but now she laughs about it. 

In fact every blog post I write including the girls is ran by them first. It's not often they ask for me not to mention something but if they did object to anything I write I wouldn't hesitate to remove it.

My dad has had health issues over the last couple of years. He had a stroke which I didn't talk about at the time and then he had a serious accident which resulted in a rush to the hospital. I was all set to jump on a train to be with him because it sounded so bad but thankfully he was fine. He was poorly at the start of the month with a sickness bug and it was a big worry. I keep his personal life quiet. It is hard because my dad is a huge part of my life even though he lives nearly 200 miles from me. I am sure if I lived closer he would be more a part of my blog.

People who read my blog think this is my life in words. It is to an extent but there is so much that I don't say on here. Just remember, everything I say on here is true but sometimes I will just tell half a story to respect my families privacy and sometimes there is a story which I won't tell at all.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Our weekly meal plan. 18th - 24th March! #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went well. Everything was eaten until we got to yesterday. I decided to cook a chicken instead of having a the lasagne. We had chicken and chips. Such a simple meals but so good especially when I do fried chips instead of oven one's. The lasagne is still in the freezer so it's not gone to waste.

My fella has another week off work. He's using the last of his holidays up before the new working year starts in April. I am sure he will be helping with the cooking which will be a nice break for me. 

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Roast chicken, parsnips, potatoes, stuffing and lots more veg.
Wednesday - Burgers in buns.
 Thursday - Fish fingers, chips and spaghetti hoops.
Friday - Pizza.
Sunday - Pie, mash & veg.

What are you eating this week?

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Revision, revision and more revision! #MySundaySnapshot

After getting the results for her mock GCSE's it's given Becky the boost she needed to really knuckle down and do some proper revision. On some of her subjects she was only a few points off getting the next grade up so with a bit of extra learning she is bound to do so well. 

Yesterday she was revising for Statistics which was a new subject to us both a couple of years ago. It's all about numbers, graphs and problem solving. It's way over my head but she understands it. Phew!