Sunday, 22 July 2018

The last day of primary school. #MySundayPhoto

Friday was the last day of primary school for my youngest....There were tears, smiles and of course shirts getting signed....This will be something to keep forever.....On the back it says the school name leavers 2018 which I thought was so special.....

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Inflatables, homework and goodbyes! - Week 29. #Project365

Over the past week I have cried a lot. Lots of happy and proud tears. It has been an emotional week. My youngest Ellie left primary school.....I full on cried in the playground yesterday. I wasn't the only one though...A teacher who is leaving came out crying and set me off....She has been there a good few years and taught Ellie in year 3 then the year sixes came out. They were all crying too....I managed to say goodbye to Ellie's teacher inbetween sobs. The summer holidays are now here and we can relax, be lazy and have fun! 

Now for a photo every day....

195/365 - 14th July.
She is an expert at multi-tasking.....Eating, listening, watching & singing to music videos on YouTube and playing Roblox....

196/365 - 15th July.
She apparently needed an inflatable whale for the paddling pool so she bought with her pocket money....

197365 - 16th July.
My fella is too soft....When Ellie bought the whale she actually wanted the unicorn but that was more than she had....He went and got her it. Eesh!

198/365 - 17th July.
The kids were rewarded for doing well in their exams. SATs and mock GCSE's....Ellie got a doctors set that she had been wanting for ages and Becky got a fancy gaming mouse....Ellie loves the glasses out of the set even thought they are too small. lol

199/365 - 18th July.
Ellie has maths homework to do over the holidays and it was sent home early....It said on the front that the answers were in the back which she was happy about. She was not too happy when I took the back two sheets off. hahaha

200/365 - 19th July.
Ellie had taken her presents in for the teachers but I wanted to write a card from Stu & I to Ellie's teacher just to say thank you for everything she has done over the past couple of years.

201/365 - 20th July.
Ellie was clearing out her school bag and she showed me the note from her teacher! I cried again....Ellie's teacher has really helped my girl find her voice and learn to speak up.


Friday, 20 July 2018

The last week of school has been emotional. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It could have quite easily been proud, ending, crying, school or grateful....It has been the last week of school and Ellie's last week of primary school.....

Last Friday Ellie brought home her school report and her SATs results and I couldn't have been happier with what I read! She did so well in her SATs. This time last year her teacher was worrying about how she would handle them and in the nicest way thought she would really struggle. Well she showed them! Ellie is at the expected standard for English, Reading & Science. She is behind with maths but I don't really care....She has done better than anyone expected and made me very proud. 

After reading her school report I cried.....Ellie hasn't always had the best reports from school but this one was ALL positive! I am so grateful that she has had an amazing teacher for the last two years of primary school. Thank you Mrs G! 

On Tuesday there was the sad news that Kate who blogged at WitWitWoo had passed away.. I didn't know her personally....I read her blog and we exchanged a few words on Twitter over the years. She was such an amazing woman, she was always so positive and always made me chuckle.....Her son set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money to cover the funeral costs and the target has well and truly been smashed! It is times like this when it is amazing to see the blogging community to come together! She will be missed!

Stu and I went to the school on Wednesday for the leavers assembly.....I knew what to expect after watching Becky's a few years ago. They really know how to tug at the heart strings!  All the kids did so well and put on a play which lasted about an hour...I held it together until they showed all the photos of the kids and played Never Forget by Take that.....There were video messages from all the old teachers who have left the school and that was it. I full on cried....I am so glad the lights were off as it wasn't It left me feeling emotional all day and I found myself crying over the stupidest of things like Hollyoaks. lol

We got Becky's school report yesterday and she is doing well....She is on target to get good GCSE grades....Phew! 

Yesterday was the service of thanks at the church where all the kids sung their favourite songs from the year. The year 3's sung A million dreams from the Greatest Showman which nearly had me crying and then of course the year sixes sung a song from their leavers assembly which did make me cry...It was such a lovely service though.

No doubt later today I will be crying again when I say goodbye to Ellie's teacher and the primary school. I have a plan though. I am going to wear sunglasses to hide my tears. I really hope it's sunny or my plan will be

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Our summer bucket list - 2018

Each summer I have written a bucket list of things we want to do over the summer holidays....The girls break up from school tomorrow and we have got plenty of ideas for things to do.....

We don't always get all of our list completed but it is fun to try....I print it out and hang it up on the cork board and it is so satisfying to cross things off....

This summer we are (hopefully) going to:

Visit Seaton Delaval Hall - I thought all the National Trust properties were hard to get to by public transport up here but it turns out there is a bust stop right outside!

Go charity shop shopping - We do this every year and my girls love it. I give them a few pounds and they buy whatever they want. It can easily fill a few hours!

Roast Marshmallows!

Have a movie day - With the curtains closed, popcorn and lots of treats!

Read books - I have said to my girls that I want them to read a couple of books (at least) over the summer and I am intending to take them to the library.

Make Banana & Custard Ice Lollies - I saw these and loved the idea of them. So simple to make...

Visit a new beach - We have lots up here in Northumberland but always go to the same couple....It's time to try something new!

Sort through the the memory boxes - I keep everything to do with my girls but the boxes where I keep everything need sorting....I know the girls will enjoy looking through all the memories and I hope they don't hate me for throwing away some of the rubbish paintings and drawings they did when they were little...

Make Unicorn Toast - We love unicorns here and my girls love eating....It will be something fun to try!

Have a water fight - I am ready! I got some of those Bunch O Balloons when they were on offer in Tesco....I snapped them up. Two packs for £12. Not bad considering they are usually about £10 each. We have had them in the past and they are fantastic...

Play The Sims 4 - We are all really into the Sims 4. I am sure we were last year too but with the expansion packs it never gets old.....We have to all have at least an afternoon of playing.

Make more Gloop - A few weeks ago we make gloop in a tiny bowl but Ellie wants more.....She loved it. It was like slime but more fun! It is just cornflour and water mixed together!

Visit the Discovery Museum in Newcastle - It is a free museum so all we need is the bus fare....We went a few years ago and I cringe at the old blog post (tiny photos. Eek!)

Do some baking - We love to bake and it's been a while since we have. What we like to do is bake something savoury and lots of cakes so we can have it all for tea! 

Take the kids on a bike ride - Becky can ride her bike and Ellie is so close to getting the hang of it....I have said if she can they will cycle and I will walk to her favourite place to eat. The Brewers Fayre near the big lake near us.

Find a park we haven’t been to and visit it - I have one in mind. Carlisle Park in Morpeth! 

Have a night away in a hotel somewhere/anywhere - We have never had a family holiday and I want to before the girls get much older....

Make Bubble Prints - Ellie is obsessed with bubbles. She bought her own hand wash just to add to water and make bubbles so adding a bit of paint should create a lot of fun!

Go to the cinema....

Say yes to everything for a day - I am not going to tell my girls I am doing this but when they ask something I will say yes even if it's something I will usually say no to....

Have the best summer ever!!!!

What have you got planned for the summer?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Goodbye to a primary school....

Today I am going to watch Ellie's leavers assembly. I know it's going to be emotional. Not only is she saying goodbye to the school, I am too!....Both my girls started in the nursery. Becky when she had just turned 4 and Ellie when she had just turned 3....At the end of the week it is the end of my time at the school too....

I have seen 4 head teachers and many teachers come and go. I think there is only about 4 or 5 of the original teaching staff left.....All of the teachers in our little school were fantastic and the one's which taught my girls have a special place in my heart...

There was one which we didn't get along with. Shortly after Stu's mam passed away Stu's dad did too....Becky had to take the day off for the funeral and for Stu's mam's that was fine but when it came to taking it off for Stu's dad's funeral we were made to feel like we were lying for a sneaky day off....The teachers exact words to Stu were if you want Becky to stay off school you have to prove your father is dead! Stu showed amazing self control! The teacher didn't stay for long after that. Apparently he had kids lined up against a wall shouting at them like a drill sergeant and disappeared soon after.

 I have watched so many plays, assemblies and performances...They have all been fantastic in their own way.....We haven't see a lot of sports day's, they were always rained off....I will always remember when Becky won first place at the egg and spoon race at her last sports day. She is the most un-sporty child and she was so proud of herself and rightly so....Ellie did well in her last sports day too! 

My girls haven't all been angels at school....They have both tested the patience of their teachers. Becky when she was in Year 1. She really played up being disruptive in class, not doing as she was told and refusing to do work....The teacher would come out early every day to have a word with me about what she had been up to. I was mortified each day for about 6 months....I put it down to the fact it was the first male teacher she had and it just didn't sit right with

Ellie used to be a little devil....She made the softest, sweetest teacher shout so much that another child ended up in tears because she was scared....Ellie didn't care.....She has never like writing and did all she could to get out of it including flooding the girls toilets. She's had detentions, red cards, written lines and telling's off.....I am so glad her behaviour has improved over the last few of years!

In the school yard I met three of my closest friends....After this week there will only be one left with a child in primary school but we will still continue to meet up every week for coffee and a gossip.....

I had a time helping out with the PTA which was fun....It is so interesting seeing kids in the school when their parents are not around.....hehehe The school discos were headache inducing though....I was very glad that they were always on a Friday so I could come home and have a large glass of wine!

Last year I blogged about how we were saying goodbye to a headteacher and I wondered how the new one would fare. She has done an amazing job and has brought about so many positive changes.....I will be sad to say goodbye to her. She has been a fantastic help with Ellie and her suspected autism. If it wasn't for her we would have fallen at the first hurdle. She really cares about the school and I hope she stays for many years to come.....

There will be tears on Friday....I am dreading it. I think Ellie is ready for the next step in her education but I really don't want to say goodbye to the primary school....